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Mafalt is a small town on Izril.

A map of the Riverfarm area (Artist's rendition).
Note: Mafalt's placement on this map is complete guesswork.

Mafalt is located in the area near Riverfarm. During the time of Tremborag goblin raids, many hamlets and villages in its vicinity were destroyed[1] but Mafalt survived the raids. The area remained insecure, though, with bandits being reported.

Mafalt has been described as a smaller town than Filk, with only one resident mage capable of casting the [Message] spell.[2]

It is possible that Mafalt has been allied with Laken Godart's Unseen Empire, since the local rumours were well-informed on local events of Riverfarm.

If Mafalt is located closer to Filk than Riverfarm, it probably has no Runner's Guild, since Filk is the only place for many miles that still has a Runner service.