The Magehammer Company are (or were) a company of Baleros.

Overview Edit

The company apparently relies on magecraft, but the exact details of their operations were not revealed in the story.

As they were working on a scale of batallions (if those are similar to the Raverian Fighter's batallions, each of them would have several hundred troops; similar to Earth batallions)[1] and also divisions[2], they probably had more regular soldiers/warriors than [Mages].

“They’ve probably got mostly warriors and only a few mages in each squad, if that. And we’ve got our own mages so we needn’t worry about being completely alone. But mark me, there are going to be some nasty spells out there.” (Fortum)

Deployments Edit

They were large enough to field two batallions in a fight were they were hired to go against the Raverian Fighters and the Burning March Company. They also hired assistance from a few mercenary groups.[1]

The local centaur tribe who hired them for protection of the gold mine they occupied, raided its adversaries' potion supplies, which outraged the Burning March and Raverian Fighters and apparently would also find disapproval with the Magehammer company and/or future contractors of them.[2]

Magehammer kept to the contract with the centaurs, but then a whole division was trounced by three enemy batallions and they lost their leading [Strategist]. This meant that the campaign was nearly over for them. Magehammer ceded the gold mine to the Burning March Company, while the Centaurs stopped playing a role in those negotiations.

Former Members Edit

  • Zalthia Werskiv, one of the combattants on the side of Magehammer, spared Geneva Scala when meeting her in the conflict above. It is unknown if Tripartite Law was a subcontractor for Magehammer, then; or if Zalthia was a regular mage for Magehammer.

References Edit

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