Mages are Classes dealing with Magic. The

Leveling Edit

[Mages] are said to be more difficult to level than other classes, and by and large, that is true. Archmages of Wistram have ever suffered because to reach the highest level, one must not only study, but practice magic of great power, while a [Warrior] must simply challenge ever-greater foes.[1]

Abilities Edit

[Mages] seem to be more resistant to several kinds of magic, and can either shrug off certain spells or recover quicker than non-Mage classes - this holds especially true for mind-affecting spells[2] and possibly seeing through illusions. Physical attacks however need to be warded off, even when caused by magical objects.


When a [Mage] transcends into a unique class such as [Necromancer], [Cryomancer], and so on, they focus on that specific class. If they pursue other types of magic, they must begin with the [Mage] class again, starting from Level 1.[3]

Spellcaster VariationsEdit

A [Mage] or [Magus] is commonly understood to be a general practitioner of magic.

By contrast, there are [Wizards], who would be considered more scholarly and wield magics in the form of prepared spells or items. It would be easiest to understand them as [Mages] who rely on wands, whereas a [Mage] may choose to use an artifact or not as the situation demands. One is a general class, the other is specific, even cumbersome to obtain.

Then there are [Witches], whose magic is more specialized—a blend of alchemy and spellcraft. They are generally considered weaker in purely magical terms to a [Mage] of the same level.[4]

[Sorcerers], as opposed to [Mages] who must study their spells, cast magic by thinking about it really hard. The advantage is that they don't have to spend as much time to learn their spells by reading spellbooks, though one of the downsides is that they can’t use big spells unless they've reached a really high level.[5]

Other classes mentioned are [Warlocks] (so far, no detailed descriptions)[6] and [Magus], which seems to be the specific [Mage] classname for Drakes.

List of Magic Classes Edit

The following list reflects the poor understanding of magical theory, but breaks down various classes that appeared so far in the story.

  • [Aegiscaster] - specialized in barrier spells
  • [Ancient Magus] - unique class for those who study History and recover Magic of Old.[1]
  • [Barrier Mage] - see [Aegiscaster]
  • Body magic specializations:
    • [Bloodmage] - specialized in blood magic
    • [Flesh Mage]
    • [Formshaper] (other term for [Flesh Mage])
    • [Necromancer] - specialized in death magic (may specialize with bones, flesh, corpses etc.)
    • [Plague Mage] - specialized in illnesses
    • [Sinew Magus] - specialized in muscle enhancements and generating their power
  • [Chronomancer] - specialized in time magic
  • classification by station:
    • [Archmage] - apex of all mages classes
    • [Grand Mage] - educator and over level 40
    • [Hedge Mage] / [Hedgemage] - self-educated, usually low-level
      • [Hedge Witch]
      • [Hedge Wizard]
      • [Spellcaster]
    • [High Mage] - educator
  • Combat specializations:
    • [Battlemage] - specialized in combat magic
    • [Spellblade] - [Warrior]/[Mage]
    • [Spellslinger] - specialized in casting two spells at once
    • [Spellsword]
    • [Warmage]
  • [Court Mage] - Mage serving at a nobles' or monarch's court
  • Crafter specializations:
    • [Artificer] - crafter-type constructor of items
      • [Golem-Maker] - specialized in creating golems
    • [Artisan] (see Artificer, same thing)
    • [Runeshaper] (not to be confused with [Runesmiths] and [Runecrafters])
      • [Rune Master]
    • [Spellweaver]
    • [Spellscribe] - specialized in creating spell scroll items. They record the spells using magical ink and parchment and a process similar to a regular casting of the spell. The completed spell scrolls can then be activated by anyone without needing to use mana.
  • [Diviner]
    • [Seer]
  • [Elementalist] - group of many subclasses of elemental magic, recognizable by their focus on manipulating non-living matter:
    • [Aeromancer] - specialized in wind magic
    • [Cryomancer] - specialized in ice magic
      • [Arctic Cryomancer] - advanced version of Cryomancer
    • [Fire Mage] (see [Pyromancer])
    • [Geomancer] - specialized in Earth magic
      • [Gem Mage] - specialized in gem-related magic
      • [Sand Mage] - specialized in sand magic
    • [Hydromancer] - specialized in water magic
    • [Ice Mage] (see [Cryomancer])
    • [Light Mage] - specialized in light magic
      • [Illusionist]
        • [Fairday Illusionist]
    • [Lightning Mage] - specialized in lightning/electricity magic
    • [Pyromancer] specialized in fire magic
    • [Water Mage] - (see [Hydromancer])
    • [Weather Mage] - specialized in weather magic
      • [Stormwalker] - combination of [Hydromancer] and [Aeromancer]
  • [Enchanter] - specialized in enchantment magic and creating enchanted items
  • job-oriented specializations, using magic to enhance another bas class:
    • [Mage Artist] - artist with magic / mage doing art
      • [Sketch Wizard]
    • [Mage Hunter] - hunter with magic / hunter of mages
    • [Mage Knight] - knight with magic / mage been knighted / combat specialization
    • [Mage Lady] / [Magelord] - noble having learned magic / mage elevated to nobility
    • [Mage Runner] - runner with magic / mage being a [Runner]
    • [Maid Mage] - maid with magic / mage employed as maid
    • [Mage Strategist] - strategist with magic / mage doing strategy
    • [Magical Innkeeper] - innkeeper with magic / mage having an inn
    • [Magical Scribe] - scribe with magic (see also "Crafter specializations")
    • [Sword Mage] - smith or fighter with magic (see either Crafter- or Combat-Specializations)
  • [Mage]
  • [Magician]
  • Nature magic specializations: Focus on living matter and nature
    • [Druid] - specialized in nature magic
    • [Green Mage] - specialized in plant-based magic
    • [Swamp Mage] - presumably living and working in and around swamps
  • [Oldblood Magus] - oldblood Drakes that use the power of their own bloodline
  • [Shaman]
    • [Chief Shaman]
  • [Sorcerer]
    • [Star Sorceror]
  • [Thaumaturge] - special Antinium caster
  • [Wardmaster] - specialist in warding
  • [Witch] - female caster-type who specialize to work with emotional connections
    • [Stitch Witch]
    • [Tea Witch]
  • [Witch Doctor]
  • [Wizard]

Related Skills Edit



[Adept Iceform] Ice Specialized Mages
[Ambient Mana Gatherer] Mages Basic Skill
[Basic Golem Shaping] Specialized Golems Making
[Command Lesser Undead] Specialized Necromancers
[Create Lifesand Golems] Specialized Sand Golems Making
[Eidetic Spell Memory] Mages Basic Skill
[Frozen Quickshape] Ice Specialized Mages
[Glaciersheet Ice] Ice Specialized Mages
[Ice Magic Affinity] Ice Specialized Mages
[Layered Ward] Ward Spells
[Magic Thought] Mages Basic Skill
[Magical Specialization: Sand] Sand Specialized Mages
[Mana Reserve] Mages Basic Skill
[Mana Well] Mages Advanced Skill
[Weak Frost Resistance] Ice Specialized Mages

Spells Edit

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References Edit

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