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The Magical Door, which is its fandom name, is a high-grade magical artifact that can be used as a portal doorway.


It looks like a plain, wooden door.[1] When it is active, if someone walked to the side, it became two-dimensional, until it nearly disappeared. And from the back, the door was just…a door, standing up. The portal only activated and is visible from the front.[2]


While it is not known if Thresk is the one who enchanted the door, he did own it and used it in what is now known as the Ruins of Albez, to safeguard the room that contains his belongings, by stopping anyone who physically tried to force their way in with a reinforcement spell, and by teleporting anyone who tried to analyze it at close range, and anyone close to them, into a pit filled with magical runes such as lesser [Insanity], so that they end up killing themselves.



After recovering the door and it’s anchoring stone, Pisces would study them, and with Ksmvr suggestion, would find a loophole in the spell matrix, and figured out how to trigger it independently of the detection trap, as well as reversing the effect so that they could teleport from the anchoring stone to the door as well.



Teleportation: The door has a [Teleport] spell enhancement capable of teleporting a user over 400 miles, to a linked anchor.


Mana Recharge: The door has a mechanism that allow it to recharge itself by passively absorbing mana. The higher the ambient mana is, the faster it recharge. [Mages] can also recharge it faster by giving it their own mana.


Detection Trap: The door had a triggering mechanism that detects people magically investigating it’s enhancement spells. Once triggered, it activated its automatic teleportation effect.[1] Pisces would later alter the enchantment to isolate and disable the detection trap.[3]


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  • Typhenous speculates that due to the teleporting matrix enchantment was meant as an element of a trap, the portal isn’t meant to safeguard the user, thereby if the portal is closed on someone's hand or leg they might lose them entirely.[4]