Monstrous Rats are types of rodents that live in places with magic or ambient Mana. There are many different types of such rats: Colony Rats, Giant Rats, intelligent rats and rats with actual magical abilities, which are Magical Rats.

Background Edit

Magical Rats are a breed of intelligent rats indigenous to any place with magic.[1]

Growing Sage's Grass may attract monster rat plagues.[2] This happens, because monsters are drawn towards places with unusual amounts of Mana.

Killing rats is a way to start adventuring careers, once cats can't deal with the vermin. Ceria claimed to have killed thousands of them.[3]

Power and Abilities Edit

They can become smart enough to avoid cleaners, not eat poisoned bait, steal from others and living off of pilfered goods, becoming big and fat in the process. They can also hollow out huge dens in woodwork, and harvest wax candles to light those near their burrow entrance.[1]

Other kinds of the magical breeds of rodents can talk, breathe fire,[1] teleport[4] and develop armor.[5]

Colony Rats can grow to 4 feet length and are considered a pest.[6]

Usage Edit

According to Selys, Giant Dungeon Rats are considered a delicacy.[7] Dealing with Giant Rat infestations in Liscor's sewers is a job for adventurers.[8]

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