Magical Schools offer formalized education to enhance the capabilities of [Mages].

Overview Edit

People may level as [Mages] even without attending such a school - through self-teaching, with the help of educational books or tomes, or with tutoring.

When [Mages] meet, they often compare their educational background. Having receiving formalized education from a magical institution is in general regarded as more prestigious than not having such a background. Studied [Mages] look down on self-taught [Hedgemages] or [Sorcerers].

Known magical schools Edit

  • Wistram Academy, best known and most prestigious among the mage schools of Innworld
  • Fissival's Draconae Scholarium[1]
  • the capital city of Pheron has a college of magic, this is likely a place in either Izril or Terandria[2]
  • Belchan has several mage schools, as one place among several in Chandrar[3][1]

Some mages offer tutorship to a larger group of students:

References Edit

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