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A map of Innworld as roughly outlined by Ryoka in Volume 2.
Fanwork by geoawk.

Available maps are collected in the maps category. Note that they are mostly reader interpretations.

Short descriptions of the continents, as well as some fan-made maps, may be found in the article Innworld.

Maps of Izril[]

Selys drew an impromptu map of Izril for Erin once, teaching her some basic geographical facts of Izril.[1]

Magical Maps[]

A 2000 years old map is inserted in the stone table of Manus where the leaders of that Walled City confer. Those magical maps can only be created with knowledge of the terrain, which is the reason why unexplored areas are blurred. Also, even magical maps don't update themselves.[2] Similar magical maps, that even allow zooming, are available in Salazsar, in 'magical map rooms'.[3]

Niers Astoragon has a large map archive for his company, which probably contains maps for most locations. There is at least one magical map of Izril that allows a three-dimensional view.[4]

Continental layout[]

In Volume 2, Ryoka introduced the continents of the world to Erin, by placing chess and kitchen pieces on a table of Erin's Inn. According to that scene, Issrysil (Izril) is the central continent (a pawn), surrounded by Terandria in the North (a saltshaker), the humid jungle continent in the Southwest, the blighted continent in the Northeastern corner and the desert continent in the Southeastern corner (probably the napkin).[5] In the following chapter, the remaining continents were officially named.[6]

Note: Ryoka had done some reading at that point in the story, but her knowledge seems questionable. For example, she really wished to see Teriarch's world map, indicating that she hadn't seen a proper one before, when she studied books during her injury downtime.[7]

In Volume 6, the UN company acquired maps and confirmed several facts: Chandrar is the southernmost continent, while only Terandria and Baleros spread far enough to the north to have areas where it is cold and snowy all year round.[8]

Aside from the continents, there are also several important groups of islands. As far as we know, the Drath Archipelago is located east of Izril[9], Wistram might be southeast from Terandria and the Isles of Minos are east of Chandrar.[10]