Maran is a human [Barmaid] who previously worked at the Frenzied Hare Inn.

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Early on, Erin beat up the Brilliant Swords of Celum in retaliation for harassing Maran while at the Frenzied Hare.[1]

When Erin started looking for new employees, she first went to Safry and Maran to ask for references, but instead of providing names, the two barmaids quit their jobs at the Frenzied Hare and joined Erin at the Wandering Inn.[2] However, this arrangement rapidly fell apart as Safry and Maran began bullying Lyonette at the Inn, while also being xenophobic towards the majority Drake and Gnoll crowd.[3] This came to a head when Erin confronted the two human barmaids, and upon being revealed for their lies by an invisible Ryoka, Erin fired both of them.[4]

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  • [Barmaid] Lv. 22

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  • Maran was previously dating a young cook, who Agnes wanted to bring to the Frenzied Hare.[5]

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