Marian was a [Mage] and a member of the Horns of Hammerad.

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She was mostly interested in adventuring for the sake of treasure. After getting her fair share, she openly intended to stop her adventuring career to settle somewhere and open a shop or bar.[1]

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She died in the Ruins of Liscor with the majority of her adventuring group. She survived the first skirmishes[2], but of the Horns, only Ceria and Calruz survived the attack of Skinner.

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She was a solid [Elementalist] and her spell selection and abilities were considered 'ordinary' by Ceria.[1]

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  • [Elementalist] Lv.16[1]

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  • She was a good friend of Sostrom Reidez, fellow human [Mage] in the party. Ceria didn't know whether or not there was more to that relationship.[1]

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