The Marshlands Coven is one of the few Witch Covens on Izril.

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A fortnight before Wiskeria's mother and the other witches arrived at Riverfarm, the Marshlands Coven was called upon by the Circle of Thorns who made them an offer to put a curse upon Magnolia Reinhart and her kin. A spell so powerful and so foul that she would die screaming, boiled by her very skin.

The witches refused. As a result, the Circle of Thorns had them all killed, except for Mavika, Thallisa and Wiskeria who weren't present at that time. Afterwards Mavika found those responsible and delivered vengeance on those who killed them, however not the ones that made the offer.[1][2]

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  • Tillica
  • Mamie
  • (18 others)

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