Maviola El is an elderly Lady that was once known as Lady Firestarter in her youth. She was formerly the Matriarch of the House of El, before relinquish her position to live what is left of her short life.

Appearance Edit

She has beautifully orange eyes,[1] and an old scar that travelled down her hand, all the way up to her upper arm.

At her elderly age, she looks as old as her actual age is, with frail thin skin, and exposed veins around spotted flesh.[2]

In her youth, she was a beautiful woman, and her hair was jet black, mixed with fiery red and orange. Like embers in the smoke.[1]

Personality Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Lady Firestarter] Lv. 49

Skills: Edit

  • [A Little Bit of Courage]
  • [Conjure Fast Fireball]
  • [Deft Hand]

Unique/Created Skills: Edit

  • [Like Fire, Memory]
    • White = Kindness
    • Purple = Love
    • Gold = Glory
    • Black = Hatred
    • Green = Contentment
    • Red = Passion & Rage
    • Blue = Sorrow
    • Grey = Frustration

Spells: Edit

  • Tier 3:
    • [Fireball]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Fast Fireball]

Trivia Edit

  • Her body is so old that once, just by coughing, her ribs had broken.[2]

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Magnolia) “Hah! An honest Reinhart. Will the world survive such a thing?”
  • (To all the Ladies) “I had a name, once. A nickname. ‘Lady Firestarter’. That was what they called me, when I was a girl. But only I remember why. Yet, for a moment, let me be her again. Goodbye, all of you. I hope you live the lives you want.”
  • (To herself) “How inelegant. How—rude. She is the rudest [Lady]. But the Reinharts are. She could have lit a flame. But the Deadly Flower of the North just pricks with her thorns.”
  • (To the adventure group) “Selphid? I’ll trade kisses for drinks with Antinium or Goblins!”
  • (To Olesm & Berri) “I will not let you give her money for an accident and a crime I didn’t commit. I did nothing wrong. I demand that you arrest me, Strategist Olesm, or resolve this. Because this is not justice.”
  • (To Olesm) “You do the best job you can in your position, and you inform those above you about what you can’t do. You don’t do nothing and wait for orders. If that’s how you act, you don’t deserve to even follow.”
  • (To Lyonette) “No. Be kind to them, Lyonette. Not gentle. They may be poor embers, but everyone has a spark. You just need to find it. Magnolia tends to no flames. But they might surprise you.”
  • (To Olesm) “Olesm. I mean to give you fire. Me meeting you was fate. I want to believe I was sent here to help you learn to…burn. You were a faded ember when I found you. All I did was light your fire.”
  • (To herself) “What a dangerous girl. She has both flower and sword in either hand.”
  • (To Mrsha) “Hit me and you’ll regret it. Let that be a lesson to you: kindness opens more doors than rudeness.”

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References Edit

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