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Merdon, also known as Crowdcaller Merdon, is a Named-rank Adventurer, the caption of the Shield of Tenbault, a Named-rank status team, and the Healer of Tenbault's bodyguard.


He is a huge, barrel-chested man with dark skin. He has a prodigious voice, one that makes his speech seemed as though he was exhorting someone by the sheer suppressed volume. He wears an azure armor, marked with the Healer’s sigil; a palm holding a bloom in white.[1]




TBA From Chapter 8.00


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TBA From Chapter 8.40 CTV


Powers and Abilities[]




  • It is stated that he would respect anyone who has a voice backed up by sheer lungpower, like that of an operatic voice.[2]


  • (To Pisces) “No exceptions! I don’t care if you’re related to the King of Destruction himself! No one enters without a pass guaranteeing the Healer’s treatment! And those are nigh-impossible to get, even for a Gold-rank team. Try to get in again and you’ll suffer for it, boy.”
  • (To Yvlon) “Unless she’s here, you’re not getting in, Miss. And frankly, I’ve seen enough desperate Gold-ranks try to take a run at getting in. You want to try it? The next time, not even the Healer will be able to help your friend.”
  • (To everyone) “Attention to all those gathered to see the Healer of Tenbault! The gates are closed and no force of arms will open them! Any intruders will be dealt with without mercy! The Healer will only see those with a pass—which can be obtained in lottery if you have not one yourself! All those gathered, disperse unless you have proof of entry!”