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Merila, also known as the Dame of the Hills, is a half-Giant and a Great Knight of Ailendamus, as well as the champion of the Order of the Hydra.


She is 28 feet tall.[1]


TBA From Chapter 8.36 H + Chapter 8.74 DR



After a part of the Order of Seasons lead by the Summer Champion and an army of Pheislant declared war on Ailendamus and fought some of their armies, Merila was dispatched to lead two legions (x10,000) of the Order of the Hydra to defeat them. As both armies meet, Merila would cheer on her Knight Order for battle and challenge the Summer Champion to single combat.[1]

She would proceed in leading the charge against the Order of Seasons, and would duel with the Summer Champion three times in which she is pressed back twice, but pushed him once. Neither one has felled the other yet.[2]

TBA From Chapter 8.46 G


TBA From Chapter 8.73 R


TBA From Chapter 8.74 DR


TBA From Chapter 8.75


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Great Knight] Lv. ?


  • [A Knight’s Duel]
  • [Extended Reach]
  • [Flash Strike]
  • [Longstep]
  • [Omnidirectional Slash]



  • (To her Hydra Knights) “The Order of the Hydra fights on foot! We triumph with our feet on the ground! Time to bring down some [Riders]!
  • (To Greysten) “Summer’s Champion! I challenge you to single combat! Let’s fight fair, eh?
  • (To Hydra Knight-Commander) “Rabbiteater, Knight-Commander. A rabbit eater. Common-folk, as we are. ‘Tis a challenge to us! No rich fellow! Well, I take it as a personal vendetta. To this ‘Rabbit Eater’, I’ll bring him down, upon my oath as a Great Knight of Ailendamus!”
  • (To Seraphel) “Your Highness. We meet again on other sides of the battlefield. Fate has put us in each other’s way it seems.”