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Merrik is a Dwarf and one of Niers's officer students.


He is 5 feet tall.[1]




Powers and Abilities[]


  • [War Leader] Lv. ?


  • [Battalion of Glory]
  • [Body of Stone]
  • [Giant’s Hammer]
  • [Ram’s Charge]



  • (To Sillk) “Grandfather’s beards! I thought we wouldn’t have to complete against graduates, Sillk! It was bad enough having to deal with the Professor’s special class—that lot have seen actual combat!”
  • (To Dullahan [Sergeant]) “Oh. That. [Body of Stone], lad. And it’s [Giant’s Hammer], not [Hammer Blow]. I just like shouting fake Skills for fun.”
  • (To Peki) “Grandfathers damn it, Peki! Stop shouting your moves!”
  • (To officer students) “We need to clear this lot up and retreat! Everyone on me! I’m using my big one! [Battalion of Glory]! Charge!
  • (To Peki) “Aw, Dragon’s nuts! Here comes Xol! Peki!”
  • (To the others) “Shut it, Yerranola! All these damned stereotypes about Dwarves and half-Elves. I like swimming, and I like fishing. And I’ll swim laps in my armor around you all—except for Wil.”
  • (To the others) “Oho. Possible mutinies, treasure, and attacks? I’m glad I came.”
  • (To Peki) “Peki, drag him above decks! You can hit him after I break his horns!”
  • (To Peki) “That’s it! I’ve had enough of you, you giant chicken! Upstairs! We’ll settle this, once and for all!”
  • (To Venaz) “Venaz, I love you like…a friend. Whom I’ve gotten to know for a few months at most. Two months, really. But you do like to talk out of your ass, right, Peki?”
  • (To Venaz) “Venaz? I’m going to break your legs in your sleep.”
  • (To Fetohep) “No, your Majesty. Please excuse my impertinence. I’ve a tongue on me. Too chatty by far. That’s what the old grandfathers used to say.”
  • (About Peki) “Ah, the old, ‘distract them with Peki’, and then ‘catch them off-guard with Peki again gambit’. Classic.”
  • (To Yerranola) “Ah, but I like her. Shame she keeps trying to kill us.”