Messyl is a [Carpenter] from Liscor.

Appearance Edit

He has red scales and slightly bulbous eyes, looking a bit unusual for a Drake.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Messyl is a childhood friend of Selys Shivertail.

He is a [Carpenter], but not a very good one.

Chronology Edit

Messy alerted Selys to the fact that Gnolls were preparing to attack The Wandering Inn in the winter after Erin's arrival. Selys then managed to raise the alert so that the fight at Erin's inn was contained and nobody died.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Carpenter] Lv. ?

Skills: Edit

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Selys) “I said, it’s the Gnolls! They left the city and went out, a whole lot of them! Some had weapons, and they were going towards that inn of yours.”
  • (To Selys) “I’m not a [Receptionist], Selys! What should I do?”

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