Minotaurs are one of the Races of Innworld. They reside on the Isles of Minos, an archipelago that few visit.

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Magical Qualities Edit

Minotaurs have barely any potential to use magic, but there are cases of some having achieved to learn 2nd tier spells.[1]

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Minotaurs are honorable, touchy, and quick to anger. They enjoy the challenge and it is a sign of prestige in Minotaur culture to be a warrior—other classes are looked down upon.

They keep to themselves by and large, though some younger members of their species will travel abroad in search of fame and glory.[2]

They dislike secrets and prefer to do everything out in the open.[3]

History Edit

They have fought in several recent wars against other continents. However, each time they have been repulsed.[2]

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Trivia Edit

  • They tried to take over the world a few times.[4]
  • If there was a ranking for bad-tempered species, Minotaurs would probably be at the top of that list, competing for first place with Drakes and Centaurs.[5]
  • A good portion of Minotaurs often visit Izril.[6]
  • Minotaurs are experts in regards to labyrinths, or so the stereotype goes. There is a famous one in Calruz's homeland.[7]



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