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Miracles are a function of the system that governs Innworld. They are considered by some to be a form of magic and act similar to spells but are fueled by faith instead of mana.


Miracles are an older, nearly extinct form of magic. It is questioned, however, if it is really a form of magic. It is basically a form of prayer brought into existence. Such as wishing for a friend to be healed. A miracle would close his wounds and restore his essence through such faith. Once upon a time, miracles matched magic in its capacity to warp the world. It was said a [Cleric] in their earliest levels could do what an [Archmage] could not.

Miracles relied in the faith and belief in gods. As the gods have long since ceased to exist, at least in the eyes of the public, so have miracles likewise ended.

"By faith and faith alone do they warp the bounds of reality. Their desire and belief creates Gods and bridges the gap between impossibility and truth. Though blade and spell may take their lives, their inviolate will shall move this world.”

As a result, people have stopped receiving the [Cleric] class, which was replaced by [Healer] (see: Healing). The replacement lacks considerably in power, though. [Healers] are simply general practitioners of restorative arts, some of whom are able to cast spells. Many rely on potions or even simple bandages rather than miracles. The definition of the class has changed, and accordingly, so have the skills and spells learnt.[1]

Modern Miracles[]

Due to the widespread belief in Innworld that the Gods are dead, Miracles were thought to be an extinct function of the system until Pawn gained the power of one through his faith in the Antinium. Currently he is the only known person who can perform a miracle.

List of Miracles[]

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Bane of Luck]
[Heal Minor Wounds] The User is able to heal one moderate wound, or they can repeat using the Miracle to close a larger wound, but inefficiently.
The User must rest after using it repeatedly, as they become extremely fatigued afterwards.
At first the Miracle could be used 6 timed per Hour at [Acolyte] Lv. 18, but it can be used up to 12 times at [Priest] Lv. 23. It can also be used at least 3 or more times before the User collapse, but by doing so it will heal less next time.
6.62 L
[Holy Barrier] The User is enfolded into a barrier that has a brilliant warm white light to them, but is searing to the enemies. The barrier protects by repelling and blocking attacks. 7.16 L
[Summon Workers (Holy)]