Mirn is a Drake that lives in Pallass. He is a Turnscale and secretly operates a Turnscale Pub, with Saliss/Onieva support.

Appearance Edit

He has a scar across his bottom and upper lip.[1]

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Protector] Lv. ?

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Trivia Edit

  • Due to his establishment, he could be in theory be a [Pub Owner] or [Publican], but only in theory, because he didn’t have those Classes, and because his establishment was nothing like Tails and Scales, or even The Wandering Inn.[1]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Onieva) “No, really? And here I thought to myself ‘Mirn, you know when I see Onieva? It’s always when she’s in a good mood.’ What crawled up your tail today?”
  • (To Onieva) “Me? Nothing. You? You’re rude, violent, a nudist, you enjoy annoying people no matter who you are, you gobble food—”
  • (To Onieva) “Especially that dress. What style is that? I need it. Onieva, go up there and strip them.”
  • (To Onieva) “Well, she’s all yours. Nothing to do with me either way. Take her or leave her, Onieva. But don’t bring her with you when you find me. I have to…find somewhere.

References Edit

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