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Montressa du Valeross, also known as Mons, is a noble from Terandria and a former student at Wistram. Currently, she is serving as a provisional apprentice to Archmage Valeterisa.[1]


She has long bright red hair, hanging in a loose ponytail and bright pale saffron-topaz pupils eyes.


When first arriving to Wistram, Montressa was a nervous, but cheerful young woman. As she progressed in her studies, she became more confident in herself. She has a great love for magic and admires great feats made by it.

Though she initially liked Pisces and didn't think it was fair that necromancy was banned, she was traumatized when Pisces accidently unleashed Archmage Nekhret's undead onto Wistram. As such, she came to believe that Pisces was evil and developed a phobia for undead. Though she was obsessed with bringing Pisces to justice, she was able to let go of her hatred after he and the Horns of Hammerad saved everyone from the Adult Creler.[2]

After Montressa is expelled from Wistram for lying to Archmage Nailihuaile, compounded with the (presumed) loss of the Horns of Hammerad, she falls into a great depression, turning to alcoholism, and neglecting her magical studies.[3] However, she is able to get out of her funk, and successfully convince Archmage Valeterisa to let her become her apprentice.[4]



Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Aegiscaster] Lv. 28[5]
  • [Apprentice] Lv. 4[1]


  • [Exhaustive Memory]
  • [Layered Ward]
  • [Magical Tutelage (Grand Magus)]


  • Tier 0:
    • [Light]
  • Tier 1:
    • [Detect Death]
  • Tier 3:
    • [Flash Step]
    • [Lightning Bolt]
    • [Message]
  • Tier 4:
    • [Arcane Barrier]
    • [Chain Lightning]
    • [Haste]
    • [Ice Wall]
    • [Invisibility]
  • Tier 5:
    • [Five-Fold Arcane Barrier]
    • [Valmira’s Comets]
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Barrier Breach]
    • [Barrier of Air]
    • [Binding Cords]
    • [Calm]
    • [Deafness]
    • [Detect Life]
    • [Forcewall]
    • [Fortified Material: Steel]
    • [Hush]
    • [Featherfall]
    • [Featherweight]
    • [Flame Arrow]
    • [Flame Swathe]
    • [Flame Veil]
    • [Force Wall]
    • [Incendiary Darts]
    • [Mana Disruption]
    • [Mass Calm]
    • [Mass Featherfall]
    • [Orb of Air]
    • [Reduced Lightning Bolt]
    • [Repair]
    • [Scrying]
    • [Sleep]
    • [Snap Freeze]
    • [Steelcage]
    • [Stone Spires]
    • [Wall of Light]


  • Brass Shock Orb


  • She was mentioned for the first time in Ch 3.02 H.
  • Pisces taught her [Invisibility], [Flash Step][6] and [Barrier of Air].[7]
  • She is on the verge of being recognized as a [Mage] in Wistram when Pisces and Ceria left the academy.[6]
  • Montressa joined the Revivalist.[6]