Mossbears are a slightly magical subspecies of bears. They are known in Izril, Baleros and Terandria, but probably elsewhere as well.

Biology Edit

They are recognizable by their green fur, which is often covered in lichen. Mossbears are larger than the average black or brown bear, and some can even exceed polar bears in size. They are generally peaceful unless disturbed or hungry.[1] They are quite intelligent, probably even more so than normal bears.[2]

Note:For those who don't study bears, or don't feel like googling it, based on the comparisons they are usually around 8 feet at the shoulder when standing on their hind legs and 700 pounds, but can grow to be over ten feet at the shoulder and exceed 1000 pounds.

Diet Edit

Voracious eaters, Mossbears sustain their massive bodies by eating magical lichens and plants, which they have learned to identify over countless years of evolution.[1] They might also be more attracted to other magical beasts, like Ashfire Bees.[3]

They also use their fur as a disguise for hunting wildlife, for example deer.[4] Their diet also consists of plant roots, berries and the like, and even the tamed Bismarck needs to scavenge in the woods to maintain his weight.[5]

Threat assessment Edit

Mossbears are considered more dangerous than regular bears, while Mothbears are even more feared.[6] Durene and Bismarck have been shown to be of equivalent strengths - at one point, she could overpower him[5] while on other days, Bismarck proved stronger than Durene.[7]

Venaz hired the Silver-rank team, Thunri Dwarves, to eliminate a trio of Mossbears on Baleros.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • While he has been roaring in combat, Bismarck mostly communicates with whuffs, whines and gaoes.[9][10]

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