Mothbears are a type of monster on Izril said to resemble a fusion of a moth and bear.

Appearance Edit

Mothbears are “flying bears with antennae and claws.”[1]

This vague description makes it sound like Mothbears are - in terms of biology - related to neither bears, nor moths. Likewise, mudpuppies (waterdogs) are no canines and sea-cows are not bovines.

Background Edit

Mothbears, unlike Mossbears, are not a subspecies of bears but an unholy fusion of moth and bear. Unable to fully fly, these gigantic monsters can still jump on their prey. They are large, ferocious and attracted to bright lights.[2]

They are apparently often active in groups.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Some of them are poisonous.[1]

Threat level Edit

Mothbears are a dangerous threat for Bronze-rank adventurers, but considered to be a threat Silver-rank adventurers are generally capable of handling.[2]

Mothbears are so strong that Ceria wasn't confident in taking up missions that involved slaying Mothbears before the Horns received the artifacts from Albez.[1] Ceria had encountered Mothbears before with other groups, however.[3] After they received better equipment, Yvlon expressed her desire to kill a Mothbear with it.[4]

Lone Mothbears are not preying on Goblin tribes, being intimidated by them even when they are starving.[5] A group of Redfang Warriors was able to kill six Mothbears without serious wounds.[6]

Aldasian Warhounds are considered Mothbear-killers on their own.[7]

Usage Edit

At least Goblins can eat the meat of skinned Mothbears, which is why Hobgoblins hunt them when feasible.[6][8]


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