Mothbears, unlike Mossbears, are not a subspecies of bears but an unholy fusion of moth and bear. Unable to fully fly, these gigantic monsters can still jump on their prey. They are large, ferocious and attracted to bright lights.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Mothbears are a dangerous threat for Bronze-rank adventurers, but considered to be a threat Silver-rank adventurers are generally capable of handling.[1]


  • Mothbears are so strong that Ceria wasn't confident in taking up missions dealing with the slaying them before the Horns received the artifacts from Albez.[2] Strangely enough, after Rags sent a group of Redfang warriors to kill a few Mothbears, they came back with only a few wounds and six dead Mothbears, making it unlikely for the Horns of Hammerad to have much problems with them. [3]


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