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The Mountain City Tribe was a major Goblin tribe. The tribe was located in Dwarfhalls Rest, inside a mountain at the northern part of Izril, close to Invrisil.


The Mountain City Tribe dwelt in a large hollowed-out mountain, formerly occupied by Dwarves, named Dwarfhalls Rest. Under Tremborag's leadership, the tribe had mostly abandoned the traditional Goblin lifestyle of marauding and plundering with only the Chieftain as leader; the elite spoke the Common Tongue instead of speaking Goblin, and they had accepted human traditions such as Guilds, eating out of plates on tables, etc.  

Although Garen Redfang recognized the tribe as strong Goblins, RagsPyrite and others deemed them "not Goblin" and scorned them. The major criticism was that the sedentary lifestyle and division of power under the Chieftain (see "Factions" below) caused Goblins to turn on each other and engage in manipulation, politicking and general despicable boot-licking. 


While Tremborag is the Great Chieftain, he can not manage tens of thousands of Goblins on his own, as such the tribe was not united and the various sub-Chieftains who managed parts of the tribes or led their own bands of warriors fought with each other for influence, as any Goblin with Tremborag’s favor or a lot of influence could get what they wanted. Anyone else had to fight for what was left over.[1]

Military Strength[]

The Mountain City Tribe had once 6 [Shamans], with Ulvama being by far the strongest.


Known Members[]

  • Tremborag - Great Chieftain (Deceased)
  • Ulvama - Chief Shaman
  • Kerist - Hob Lieutenant
  • Qent - Hob Lieutenant
  • Hammersteel - Hob Lieutenant
  • Garen Redfang (Only Temporally/Left)

Former Members[]


  • Pyrite was a former member who fled and became Chieftain of his own tribe.
  • The Mountain City Tribe and their habits seems to have been modelled in part as an allusion to the Misty Mountain Goblins from J. R. R. Tolkien's Legendarium, and most especially their film incarnation.