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Mrsha is a young mute Gnoll. She gained the [Last Survivor] class for surviving the extermination of the Stone Spears Tribe by the Army of the Goblin Lord, and currently lives in the The Wandering Inn, with Erin and Lyonette as primary caretakers.


She has big, round eyes that were brown with gold strata mixed among the depth.[2] Although her fur was initially a 'colorful forest brown', it changed to become 'as white as snow' after her tribe's sacrifice.[3] This fur color has significance among Gnolls, who call white Gnolls "Doombringers".

This is a bad omen for Gnolls, as it usually symbolizes "those who lost their tribes; those who have survived calamity, and those who bring it".[4] This lead to Mrsha being ostracized by Brunkr and other Gnolls of Liscor.


Mrsha is 'insatiably curious' and loves the food in the Inn. She enjoys playing with Lyonette and stealing food from other customers. After becoming the last survivor of her tribe, Mrsha has had periods of feeling incredibly lonely and left out, to the extent that she ran away from those that were taking care of her.


Mrsha is a young Gnoll from the Stone Spears Tribe.[5] Her parents abandoned her for being mute, which was in turn reason for Urksh to exile them both from the tribe.[6] Mrsha was raised in the belief that her parents were two warriors, protecting far away miners of the tribe. After she rescued Ryoka when the Runner girl passed through her tribe's territory for Teriarch's delivery, Mrsha was the child who was most curious about the Human runner. When Ryoka returned from her delivery and came by the tribe again, Mrsha was now missing.[7] After Ryoka learned that the Frost Faeries knew where Mrsha was, Urksh, leader of the Stone Spears, pledged "any price" to gain the knowledge of where Mrsha is, and the Frost Faeries lead Ryoka to discover Mrsha.

Mrsha had fallen into a crevasse higher up in the mountains, having been chased there by a Goblin. She was found and rescued by Ryoka, but they encountered the Goblin army on their return to the tribe. Once again, Urksh made a bargain with the Forst Faeries, to "offer everything" for the protection of Mrsha. It turned out that the price Urksh paid for his charge was the destruction of his tribe, while the Goblin Lord survived his direct confrontation with Zel Shivertail in that night.[3]


Volume 2 and 3[]

After Mrsha and Ryoka escaped from the Goblin Lord's army, they made their way to Liscor, where Mrsha was introduced to Erin and her Wandering Inn. Ryoka and Mrsha stayed in the Inn for two nights together. Mrsha's recent experience with Goblins were the reason that Erin didn't allow Rags in, which was thus the last occasion of Rags visiting the Wandering Inn. Erin mixed Mrsha some Faerie Flowers drink, and took her to Liscor's Playground together with Selys.[8]

On the third morning of Mrsha's stay in the Inn, Erin had gone missing, having been abducted by Toren, Erin's skeleton servant of whom Mrsha had also been much afraid. Ryoka left Liscor right the next morning as well, entrasting Mrsha to the care of Selys and Krshia Silverfang,[9] who was not prejudiced against Mrsha unlike most other Gnolls of Liscor.[8]

Mrsha stayed with Selys for about a week, but constantly ran away and didn't want to eat anything Selys offered her, not even Gnoll delicacies. She eventually escaped the city altogether and made her way into the Wandering Inn, where Lyonette as the lonely caretaker offered her a breakfast with honey. Selys was exasperated that Mrsha preferred to stay with the friendly Lyonette over her, knowing of the criminal past of the irresponsible [Barmaid].[10]


Volume 4[]

Volume 5[]

Volume 6[]

Volume 7[]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Last Survivor] Lv. 9[11]
    • (Alternately called [Lone Survivor][12] and [Sole Survivor][13])
    • Formerly [Young Hunter] Lv. ?, before turning.[11]
  • [Druid] Lv. 8
    • Derived from [Mage] Lv. 2[14]
    • Classes Consolidated to [Druid]:
      • [Gardener] Lv. 3
      • [Beast Tamer] Lv. 6
  • [Emberbearer] Lv. 1[15]


  • [Ambient Mana Gatherer]
  • [Fire’s Fuel (Mundane)]
  • [Lesser Toughness]
  • [Natural Allies: Fortress Beavers]
  • [Natural Concealment]
  • [Natural Gift: Fur of the Fortress]
  • [Peace of the Wild] (derived from [Wild Affinity])
  • [Rekindle Flame]

Temporary Skills:[]

Skills obtained temporary by the blessings Skill, [Boon of the Princess].

  • [Barkfur]
  • [Lesser Strength]


  • Tier 0:
    • [Grow Grass]
    • [Thorn Hand] (or [Thorn Paw] for her)
  • Tier 1:
  • Tier 2:
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Arrow of Light]
    • [Dirt Spray]
    • [Mudball]
    • [Thorn Arrow]
    • [Wild Growth]
    • 3 other unknown Spells related to Plants or the Earth.[11]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • Waisrabbit Bone Wand
  • Hunting Horn
  • Bag of Holding[16]
  • Pre-Written Notes[16]
  • Anti-Appraisal Ring[17]


  • Mrsha hates clothes, especially pants. When Erin bought her two cute hats, the gnoll hid both of them in the stove.[18]


Note that as Mrsha is mute her Quotes came mostly by Sign Language or Prewritten Messages. As a [Druid] she can also telepathically talk but only with other [Druids].

  • To Ryoka:
    • The days have pressed on, and one finds oneself wan of late. My dearest companions, Visma and Ekirra (of whom I have vouchsafed to you before), are passing well. I am currently recumbent in the inn, and my breaking of the fast has been quite fine.
    • It has come to my attention of late that my studies have allowed me to communicate in the written fashion. This first letter is addressed to you as I hold you in great esteem. It is still difficult to write, what with the difficulties of paws, but I know how and will continue to correspond with you as time allows. Please, continue to send more updates to The Wandering Inn, as I earnestly await your missives.
  • (To Palt) “Palt, can you cast [Darkness] on the second floor for us? Pwease?
  • (To Niers) “You’re very welcome, sir. I am sorry you got hurt. My name is Mrsha, it is very nice to meet you.”
  • (To Apista) This is no time for games, Apista! We’re in serious poo! Maximum poo! Look!
  • (To Calescent) Nice doing business with you. Remember: we never met. I was never here. Burn the card.
  • Thoughts:
    • You wound me, my friend. I wish I could be the bigger Gnoll. However. You have only yourself to blame.
    • To all those who have hurt me, I’m sorry. For what I’m going to do to you.
    • It helped assuage the pain in her heart, as if small kindness could make up for what she was about to do.
    • Ah, but it tasted like ashes. Like blood. Can my conscience ever let me enjoy another meal in peace?
  • (To Ryoka) …Whereupon I find myself disappointed by your pressing need to honor your affairs, Ryoka, I shall await your egress with much anticipation and conduct myself with all due diligence until such time as…
  • (To Ulvama) Can you pwease enchant my fur with armor?
  • Thoughts:
    • Boring competence! Her mortal enemy!
    • “So this is my fate. I’ve washed my paws in blood, and it’s time to dance the hempen jig at last. Do I have any regrets? Only that I didn’t get away with it.”–Mrsha the [Gang Boss]
  • (To Wanderer) See here a minute! You can’t just carry me off, tell me I’m Doom and then tell me I have to do all the running to wherever we’re going to! Am I a [Damsel] or not?
  • (To Wanderer) If we can’t get to Salazsar, maybe we can go to Oteslia? Pwease? My mother’s there.
  • (To Mrell) I have no father. I have a mother, and her name is Lyonette. Leave me alone, stranger.
  • (Missive to Lyonette) I’m here. Find me with everyone, Mother. I miss you.
  • (To Gire) Don’t say that. You can do something. Don’t be a stupid Lism. You can do something to help. I envy you.
  • (To Adetr) I’ve killed Face-Eater Moths, fought Crelers, Raskghar, and evil [Witches], rookie. Bow down to Mrsha the Warrior!
  • (To everyone) “Terrible, stupid, stinky people do terrible things. I lived, despite the [Witch]. Despite it all. I won’t let them do it again. Some day, I will be big and no one will ever do such things again. My friends won’t let it happen either. We all knew Erin. And each time this happens, we level up. When she comes back, everything will be okay. Until then—we have to do Erin-things.