Mrsha is a young mute Gnoll. She is the last survivor of the Stone Spears Tribe, and currently lives in the The Wandering Inn, with Erin and Lyonette as primary caretakers.

Appearance Edit

She has big, round eyes that were brown with gold strata mixed among the depth.[2] Although her fur is initially a 'colorful forest brown', it changes to become 'as white as snow' after her tribe's sacrifice.[3] This is a bad omen for Gnolls, as it usually symbolizes "those who lost their tribes; those who have survived calamity, and those who bring it".[4] This leads to Mrsha being ostracized by Brunkr and other Gnolls of Liscor.

Personality Edit

Mrsha is 'insatiably curious' and loves the food in the Inn. She enjoys playing with Lyonette and stealing food from other customers. After becoming the last survivor of her tribe, Mrsha has had periods of feeling incredibly lonely and left out, to the extent that she ran away from those that were taking care of her.

Background Edit

Mrsha is a young Gnoll, born to two warriors in the Stone Spears Tribe.[5] She quickly bonds with Ryoka who passes through the tribe for Teriarch's delivery. Ryoka returns from her delivery to find the tribe in a panic, as Mrsha is now missing.[6] After Ryoka learns that the Frost Faeries know where Mrsha is, Urksh, leader of the Stone Spears, pledges "any price" to gain the knowledge of where Mrsha is, and the Frost Faeries lead Ryoka to discover Mrsha.

Mrsha is found in a crevasse in the mountaintop, having been chased there by a goblin. She is rescued by Ryoka, but encounters the Goblin army on their return to the tribe. Once again, Urksh makes a bargain with the Forst Faeries, to "offer everything" for the protection of Mrsha.[3]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Last Survivor] Lv. 9[7]
    • (Alternately called [Lone Survivor][8] and [Sole Survivor][9])
    • Formerly [Young Hunter] Lv. ?, before turning.[7]
  • [Druid] Lv. 8
    • Derived from [Mage] Lv. 2[10]
    • Classes Consolidated to [Druid]:
      • [Gardener] Lv. 3
      • [Beast Tamer] Lv. 6

Skills: Edit

  • [Ambient Mana Gatherer]
  • [Lesser Toughness]
  • [Natural Allies: Fortress Beavers]
  • [Natural Concealment]
  • [Natural Gift: Fur of the Fortress]
  • [Peace of the Wild] (derived from [Wild Affinity])

Temporary Skills: Edit

Skills obtained temporary by the blessings Skill, [Boon of the Princess].

  • [Barkfur]
  • [Lesser Strength]

Spells: Edit

  • Tier 0:
    • [Grow Grass]
    • [Thorn Hand] (or [Thorn Paw] for her)
  • Tier 1:
  • Tier 2:
  • Unknown Tier:
    • [Thorn Arrow]
    • [Wild Growth]
    • 3 other unknown Spells related to Plants or the Earth.[7]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Possessions Edit

  • Waisrabbit Bone Wand
  • Hunting Horn

Trivia Edit

  • Mrsha hates clothes, especially pants. When Erin bought her two cute hats, the gnoll hid both of them in the stove.[11]

Gallery Edit

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Chapter Appearances Edit

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