Leveling History

Mrsha's Leveling History.

Leveling History

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills & Spells Additional Information
Ch 3.27 M [Last Survivor] Lv. 8 Skills

[Natural Concealment]

[Lesser Toughness]

Revealed to have obtained the [Last Survivor] Class.
Ch 5.06 M Revealed

[Beast Tamer] Lv. 1

[Gardener] Lv. 2


[Wild Affinity]

Classes & Skill Revealed.
Ch 5.06 M Obtained

[Beast Tamer] Lv. 6 (+5)

[Gardener] Lv. 3 (+1)

[Mage] Lv. 2 (+2)


[Mage] → [Druid]


[Beast Tamer] + [Gardener]


[Druid] Lv. 2 (+2)


[Grow Grass]

[Wild Growth]

Skill Change

[Wild Affinity] → [Peace of the Wild]

Obtained the [Mage] Class, which immediately Advanced to [Druid].

The [Beast Tamer] and [Gardener] Classes Consolidated into [Druid].

Ch 5.45 Revealed

??? (+?)


[Druid] Lv. 3 (+1)



Revealed to have leveled up and gained a new Skill, though it is unknown what they are.

In Interlude – Two Rats it was discovered that she leveled in the [Druid] Class.

Interlude – Two Rats Revealed

[Druid] Lv. 4 (+1)


[Thorn Hand]

Revealed to have leveled up, after she learned [Thorn Hand] from Moore.
Ch 7.06 Revealed

[Druid] Lv. 5 (+1)

[Last Survivor] Lv. 9 (+1)

Revealed Spell

3 unknown Spells related to Plants or the Earth.

  • That she had learned 4 new Spells under Tier 2, but that she had forgotten 1 of them, thus making them 3.
  • That currently she knows only 6 Spells, all related to Plants or the Earth.
  • That [Druid] is Lv. 5 and [Last Survivor] is Lv. 9
  • That she was a [Young Hunter] before it turned into [Last Survivor].
Ch 7.19 [Druid] Lv. 7 (+?) Skill

[Ambient Mana Gatherer]

Ch 7.23 LM N/A Temporary Skills


[Lesser Strength]

After Lyonette used [Boon of the Princess] on Mrsha, she obtained 2 Temporary Skills.



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