Nailren is a Gnoll and a member of the Fletchsing Tribe. He is a Silver-rank Adventurer and the leader of, The Pride of Kelia.

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He has light grey fur.[1]

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  • [Double Shot]

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  • (To Erin) “Greetings, Miss Solstice. I am Nailren of the Fletchsing Tribe. We are adventurers. I am leader of my team—The Pride of Kelia. We thank you for  your hospitality and allowing us use of your door.”
  • (To Erin) “Is this Deki paste that I smell? On fried fish it seems? But what is the yellow-white things? And why do the fishes smell of flour and bread?”
  • (To Gold-ranked Adventurers) “Exactly. We have come for the dungeon. It is wrong of you to try and stop us. If it is death we seek, let us find it and fight it with tooth and claw.”
  • (To Gold-ranked Adventurers) “It is perhaps best we met you so we could say it to your faces first, no? We will not abide by your rules. We will enter ourselves. And if you would stop us, then try.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 5.27
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