Nawalishifra Tannousin, or simply Nawal, is a member of the Tannousin Clansmen and a high-level [Blacksmith] capable of forging Naq-Alrama steel.

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She is a young woman with dark skin and wears a veil.[1]

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  • [Blacksmith] Lv. ? (Probably higher than 30)

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  • (To Trey) “We used to sell swords. The finest blades you will ever see, my word on it! Don’t back away, you milk-skinned fool, you! Come and see true metal, if only once in your lifetime!”
  • (To Redif) “I have renounced him three times. He is dead to my clan and I, and no longer of our blood. Any contract he signs is dust.”
  • (To Gabrielle) “I am. Though I may be a woman, I am the only successor to my father’s craft, master that he was. I can forge true blades of Naq-Alrama steel, woman-touched though they may be!”
  • (To Gabrielle) “Lead me to your master, foreign warrior! Pay my cost and I will forge your master a blade sharper and finer than any he has laid eyes on in his life! My oath on it! I swear it on the body of the man-who-was-my-brother, cursed be his name!”

References Edit

  1. Interlude - Flos
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