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Nemistra Verdinan was once a Wistram mage.




Many years ago, Nemistra decided to live in a room unknown to most, intending to hide herself from her fellow mages. This room is secretly connected to one of the restricted libraries, which allowed her to keep reading new books without being seen.

The mechanism to open said tunnel entails the positioning of two specific books equipped with the same enchantment that are placed on different shelves, containing historical books about various past Human kingdoms, next to each other. By doing that, the entire bookshelf magically fades, allowing one to walk through it right into the passageway.

One of the books she kept in her room was a tome that Pisces and Ceria later on managed to retrieve, containing at least one Tier 4 spell, [Invisiblity] It was guarded by several wards that would melt the flesh of anyone attempting to touch it.[1]


  • It is assumed that she went into hiding at a time when the mages of Wistram were more inclined to kill one another. She supposedly hoped that her tunnel remains secret by positioning it behind a book shelf that contains historical books, as most mages are unlikely to be interested in that field of study.