Nemor, or Grand Mage Nemor, was a mage in service to the Circle of Thorns that attempted under their command to assassinate Lady Magnolia Reinhart.

Appearance Edit

Nemor had a narrow, pointed face, with a suited small goatee which looked immaculately oiled and groomed.

He was dressed up in colorful yellow robes with green slashes down the sides.

Personality Edit

Nemor was very arrogant and tended to gloat.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nemor is even called by Magnolia, who has met all sorts of powerful people in the world, "powerful", capable of even bypassing her wards.

Despite being rather powerful, he was an "idiotic mage", which ultimately led to his downfall.

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Mage] Lv. ?

Spells: (Unknown Name) Edit

  • A body glowing spell that makes one fall much slower than gravity should allow.(used, for instance, when jumping down from high places)
  • A magical shield that looks like water filled with gold dust that allows objects thrown at it to sink into the barrier around Nemor and disappear, as if they’ve fallen into a sea.
  • Casting multiple blue fireballs that are able to melt even Golems

Trivia Edit

  • His goatee makes him appear similar to a movie villain.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Magnolia) “Grovel, Reinhart. If you do, I may make your end quick.”
  • (To Magnolia) “Your defenses might have killed the fodder sent to assist me. But I did not come here to fail, Reinhart!”
  • (To Magnolia) “Your [Maid] can’t save you, Reinhart! She can’t breach my magics!”

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