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Nereshal is a Human [Chronomancer] who also acts as the Blighted King's steward.


He is rather short and slightly overweight. He has piercing eyes, like the cold, detached look seen in soldiers; the eyes of someone who’s seen war. He wears dark grey robes lined with silver that don’t quite hide the scars on his arms and left hand.[1] His hair is swept back, styled faintly indigo to match his eyes, white at the tips, and his face was gaunt. Yet for his age, it was held back by his magic itself. He was young and old. Weathered, but devoid of any lines or wrinkles.[2]




Powers and Ability[]

As a Time Mage, Nereshal can speed up a flight of arrows or slow an enemy’s charge. He can also hasten a weather front moving in, or slow the collapse of a wall.[1]


  • [Chronomancer] Lv. ?


  • [Heart of Darkness]
  • [Lightning Storm]
  • [Silence]
  • [Time Slow]


  • Nereshal's main purpose is to prevent the Blighted King from aging, thus allowing him to live a little longer.[1]


  • (To Eddy) “You do not seem to understand that. You are guests of his majesty, not arrogant [Princes]. You do not have the authority to order around servants. And I am no servant.”
  • (To Richard) “I slowed the passage of time around his mouth. It will wear off. And he will learn to mind his manners here.”
  • To the Americans:
    • “Lesser [Mages] may believe so. But the magic of time is another form of power, and the Blighted Kingdom demands all forms of magic in its defense.”
    • “Preventing the aging of the Blighted King. So he may rule a month, a year, a decade longer. Until I am released from my duties here, I also act as his steward. Take heed of my warnings. If you are found violating any of the laws, the guards who patrol may not wait for explanations. And if you survive that, I will administer a fitting punishment.”
  • (Future Version To Erin) “It’s you! I—I am Nereshal! The Blighted King’s [Mage]. He betrayed me at the end! His madness—you—you’re Erin Solstice!”