The Kingdom of Nerrhavia (also, less common: Nerrhavia's Fall or Nerrhavia Fallen) is one of the major nations of northeastern Chandrar.

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Chandrar Detail Map

Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar. (Artistic rendition) Nerrhavia is only pictured with its westernmost parts, south of Reim and to the east of Killale and Illivere.


Flos' Map of Northeastern Chandrar.

It can be assumed to be the largest nation of Northeast Chandrar, by size of area. Nerrhavias population consist mainly of String People. They have adopted a caste-system based on the cloth that makes their people.[1]

The current ruler is [Queen] Yisame.

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Nerrhavia's people have a history of living in so called Slave Kingdoms, that means conquered territories whose citizens are considered slaves of another country.[2]

At some point in the past, the ruler (or state of) Nerrhavia conquered many smaller kingdoms and states of String People. Unbeloved Nerrhavia was overthrown 600 years ago, and the unified nation named itself after that event.[3]

Nerrhavia was conquered or neutralized during Flos Reimarch's conquest of Chandrar, but after Flos went to 'sleep', it supposedly returned to its former glory.

The Sarmathi conquered parts of northeastern Nerrhavia at some other point in the past.[3]

After Flos' awakening and subsequent declaration of non-aggression, Queen Yisame remained wary of Flos and was considered unlikely to attack him directly.[3]

Nerrhavia stationed 12'000 soldiers in the non-aligned territories between the borders of Nerrhavia and Reim. After the Conference of Pomle, Nerrhavia, Illivere and Savere formed a coalition with six smaller nations (among them Deimos, Xern, Lamult and Relaaquil) to invade Tiqr. Nerrhavia's first wave included a force of 200'000 soldiers (thousands of Silk-Warriors on Chariots, but mostly Hemp footsoldiers).[1]

After heavy casualties against the [Beastmasters] of Tiqr, the coalition army was replenished and Nerrhavias forces among them counted 300'000 soldiers when they besieged Oliphant. Seeing those forces, Tiqr's Queen Nsiia "dismissed" her army away and capitulated towards Illivere, thereby provoking tensions in the coalition since both Nerrhavia's [Queen] Yisame and Savere's [Queen] Revine wished Nsiia under their own control.[2]

Afterwards, Tiqr's territory was to be distributed between the invading countries.

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