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Warning! This page contains spoilers from recently released chapters. Proceed with caution and acid jars.

Nerrhavia, also known as the Immortal Tyrant, was a Stitch-Woman [Queen] who ruled for two thousand years before being overthrown, at which point her nation was renamed Nerrhavia’s Fallen.


Nerrhavia appears to be Human, with parts of String-folk. Her skin is alabaster, with tattoos of magic. She is described to be perfect by Cawe.[1]

At the time of her end, she wore a death's mask in her likeness, stained with blood. She wore flowing robes cut from a cloth like blood, woven with heartstring and malice.[2]


Haughty and imperious, Nerrhavia was said to have commited acts of tyranny and evil so terrible, she is still reviled in the present day, thousands of years after her death.


TBA From Chapter 8.32

She had gone to her grave when all was lost, depriving her enemies of the ability to hold her to account in life or death for her actions. As a fitting end, her tomb had thusly been buried beneath the capital’s sewers and other infrastructure.[3]

The capital city of Nerrhavia’s Fallen, were her tomb is buried, is ironically or fittingly dubbed Tyrant’s Rest.[4]


Volume 8[]

TBA From Chapter 8.32

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TBA From Interlude – Perspective and Past

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Queen] / [Tyrant] Lv. ?


  • [No One Leaves My Presence]
  • [Summons of the Dread Tyrant: The Horror of Caexith]
  • [Words Only For You and Me]
  • ??? - Reapply poison in the User nails.[5]
  • ??? - Slap someone with great force, and simultaneously sends a piercing slap across all their entire family generation which the slapped one is aware of.[6]


  • String People of Nerrhavia’s Fallen have a prayer after her which is; “Nerrhavia’s bones guide me…”[7]


  • (To Merindue) “So there is the young woman I sought to unveil. There is hatred enough to cow lesser men and women. There is the woman who hides among the girl’s petty pretenses.”
  • To ghosts allies:
    • “The worst thing that could happen has come to pass. We are damned. This is a disaster in our war; I would even venture to say this may be the end of us.”
    • “You see, that you come, and I call you—I do not call you friends, for we never broke bread or shared water. I only call you allies, and the enemy oblivion. Even now, I tell you that we must, the whole of us, put aside ambitions to live. Cawe, you must speak to Erin Solstice and we to our factions. This must not splinter.
  • (To Grand Emir) “I expected better of you, Grand Emir. Only a girl? Look. She sits there, in the company of the great ghosts. She had the sword. She had the light. Something turns on her. I would count her as a great ally or enemy had I lived. I will bet on one person to be a vessel for my will. And it will be her, not a scroll.”
  • (To Erin) “What separates us from filth is not how we fall, but how we descend to meet our end. Raise your chin. Laugh in their faces and spit into damnation’s eyes.”
  • (To Merindue) “Ah, practical. I knew there was a reason I found your company tolerable.”
  • (To herself) “What a wretched body, without even the joys of taste. A disgrace for such a one as I.”
  • (To Femar) “Come, little Drake. For your slight, I believe I will collect a bit of vengeance, even now. The end of the world is a fine time to revenge even the slightest grudge.”
  • (Thoughts) One last spite upon Drakes, then. In honor of all that fell, let them remember us.
  • (To Asale) “Levelless. Classless. One of the Rulebreakers. I didn’t think Drakes were smart enough to keep your kind around.
  • (To Az’kerash) “A vessel. Only a being as powerful as Khelta or the Witch of Webs could—take a soul. Trap it. We may face your mercies, but I will take any last harbor. Don’t you have…a soulprison?