Niers Astoragon, also known as the Titan, is the second in command of the Forgotten Wing Company, and the highest-leveled [Strategist] on Baleros, if not of the entire world.


As a Fraerling, his height is six inches tall. He look's like any middle-aged man, with dark black, slightly grey hair, and a powerful, if minuscule, build.



A decade ago, when Flos launched his invasion from Chandrar, he send Queravia with an army sailing to Baleros.

There she planted the King of Destruction’s banner and challenged all the companies of Baleros. By herself, with only a single army, an advancing force and she held that ground.

When her King's fleets neared and it seemed as though Queravia would receive aid, one last force gathered to defeat her. Niers, the second-in-command of the Forgotten Wing, brought together every company from the marshy cities to the eastern ports and as he shouted at the [Captains] and commanders gathered before him, he raised a banner and they followed him to launch an assault on her position. On that day the two greatest [Strategists] in the world clashed.

Queravia lost, and as she laying on the ground, she laughed at Niers, laughed as her dice fell one last time and said something to Niers, before dying.[1]


Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

After having playing 3 chess game with a new unknown player, he sat in front of his small chessboard, with a dark expression on his face and mused to himself that his mystery player is gone and that someone who knows chess but has barely played it at all, found the board.

He stared at the chessboard and at Magnolia's letter and considered leave for Issrysil, but dismissed the idea and stared at the chessboard darkly, and hoped that this new opponent would eventually give the board back or find its true owner.

He kept staring at the chess pieces, the letter, and then at the window, and told himself that he couldn’t leave, as he has a job and a duty as he is the second-in-command of his Company. So he kept staring back to the chessboard, waiting for his mystery player.[2]

Volume 4

At some point after playing around 6 games against the new unknown player, he stopped playing with them and reset the board to how it was left by the true owner. Every time he realized that he was not playing with the true owner, he kept resetting the board like this.[3]

While he was in a bad mood because his mystery player had not come back for over a month, he begun to read the general report of the newest companies and recent events.

He sighed as he studied the outcome of the battle between the Razorshard Armor company and the Roving Arrow company, and called all of them fools, as there was no return for either company as they ruined their reputations for destroyed themselves fighting over a valley that was practically unusable now.

His eye than caught the name of a new company that had declared itself, the United Nations. Remarking that 'United' was a word that he had dreamed of, and had spoken to the other Great Companies of Baleros about, as it was a hope for Baleros, and for a world, that Magnolia had tempted him with, but ultimately it was nothing but an empty dream.

As the new company had the same dream as him, he glanced at the name and memorized it, just in case. Then he flipped the page and kept reading, while every now and then, he would glance at the chessboard’s pieces that had not moved and look away.

While still in a bad mood, after reading and filing the report away, he had a curious sensation. He felt a subtle feeling, but he had trained himself not to ignore his instincts, and as it cried out to him as he opened the report and stared down at the name in ink, he could feel it. He new it wasn’t a coincidence or a chance, but only the start. And that everything he had witnessed, all the little pieces, they were falling into place. That something was happening, and that the world would beginning to move again. As he was thinking about this, behind him, on the chessboard, a piece slowly slid forwards and stopped.[4]

While he does not show up in person but only as a chess opponent, he was enraged that someone was constantly scattering the chess pieces. He picked them up again and again, and slammed them back on the chessboard, each time with more force, as he kept getting increasingly angry as this repeated.

Then after around 2 minutes passed when someone else made one of the only legal moves that they could make, he made a safe move, but grudging as he didn’t think it was the true owner. He kept playing against this opponent, when he realized that he feel for a trap, as he was too upset over the one who was scattering the chess pieces to notice it.

He made his next move within a minute, but the opponent showed him no mercy, and ended the game in six minutes. He did not move the pieces since the opponent had checkmated him, until the opponent resettled his side and left the other side as it was, as a form of challenge.

He tested this opponent with 2 different play style, and knew that this opponent was the true owner. He played with them all day, till it was close to midnight. Before they stopped, his mysterious opponent send him a simple message, from one lover of the game to the other, that they are sorry for leaving him alone all this time. He replied back that he knows that they are sorry, and forgives them.[3]

Volume 5

As the new strategy game Go swept across Baleros, he spent an outrageous sum of money commissioning an enchanted Go board, while playing his 37th game of Go in preparation for it reaching his unknown adversary in Liscor.[5]

Powers and Abilities

Niers has only one class and with it he can led his army without any other skills. He can led his armies to victory after victory, using his mind as a weapon. He could outmaneuver any foe, defeat any force, even those three times as large as his. With his Skills he could turn his soldiers into horrific monsters, yet if he needed to retreat his army would become ghosts on the battlefield.


  • [Grandmaster Strategist] Lv. 65


  • [Assault Formation]
  • [Charge of the Strategist]
  • [Covering Fire]
  • [Formation: Dodge]
  • [Rapid Advance]
  • [Vanguard of Terror]


  • Niers Astoragon was 29 when the Forgotten Wing Company attained prominence.[6]
  • Lady Magnolia calls him the world’s smallest strategist.
  • He is surprisingly considered tall among his race.
  • He is infamous for having only one class.
  • Niers had been fighting for over fifty years in Baleros’s endless plains and deep jungles.
  • His armor is more expensive than any [Lord]’s, given that [Blacksmith]'s have a terrible time forging anything so small.
  • It is claimed that Niers is the most famous Fraerling in the world. He is considered a Hero to the children of his kind.
  • To all of the world he is the one who invented chess, but in truth he isn't.
  • He liked to send messages to himself or send coded missives with nothing in them of value to friends quite often, just to annoy people who spied on him.
  • His best students could win one game out of ten against him, at best. Other [Generals] and [Strategists] could win two games in ten, or three in ten, but that was all.
  • Niers had been fighting for over fifty years in Baleros’s endless plains and deep jungles.[7]
  • Before he played against Erin he leveled up only one time in the last decade.[8]
  • Despite being likely one of the most powerful people in the world, Niers thinks that a "[Teleportation] spell might cost him dearly", at least one that would allow him to reach Liscor.[9]
  • According to the public, chess was invented one year ago.[10]


  • (To his students) “Try not to agonize over the woman too much, would you? Magnolia Reinhart’s mind would put most [Strategists] and [Generals] to shame and we have a battle to win.”
  • (To himself) “Come back soon, will you? It grows terribly lonely without you.”
  • “Marian. Get a bow and shoot that damn bird. It’s a hazard if there are any Fraerlings about.”
  • (To Foliana) “I am not cursed. That’s a myth, and the company’s official stance is that it’s just gossip. I am not cursed—”
  • (To himself) "Damn the lace. Damn insipid Human fashions!”
  • (To Magical Rats) “Hello. They call me the Titan.”
  • (To Marian) “Have someone remove the flesh, but save the bones. I have a mind to turn it into a drinking cup.”
  • (To Stitchmistress) “Fashion? I’m a former Named Adventurer and the second-in-command to one of the Great Companies of Baleros. They can have their fashion. I’ll have my dignity.”

Chapter Appearances

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