Niers Astoragon, second in command of the Forgotten Wing Company, and the highest-leveled [Strategist] on the continent if not of the entire world.


As a Fraerling, his height is six inches tall. He look's like any middle-aged man, with dark black, slightly grey hair, and a powerful, if minuscule, build.



Powers and Abilities

Niers has only one class and with it he can led his army without any other skills. He can led his armies to victory after victory, using his mind as a weapon. He could outmaneuver any foe, defeat any force, even those three times as large as his. With his Skills he could turn his soldiers into horrific monsters, yet if he needed to retreat his army would become ghosts on the battlefield.


  • [Grandmaster Strategist] Lv. 65


  • [Assault Formation]


  • Lady Magnolia calls him the world’s smallest strategist.
  • He is surprisingly considered tall among his race.
  • He is infamous for having only one class.
  • Niers had been fighting for over fifty years in Baleros’s endless plains and deep jungles
  • His armor is more expensive than any [Lord]’s, given that [Blacksmith]'s have a terrible time forging anything so small.
  • It is claimed that Niers is the most famous Fraerling in the world. He is considered a Hero to the children of his kind.
  • So far in a game of chess against Erin, he won two games and lost four.
  • To all of the world he is the one who invented chess, but in truth he isn't.
  • He liked to send messages to himself or send coded missives with nothing in them of value to friends quite often, just to annoy people who spied on him.
  • His best students could win one game out of ten against him, at best. Other [Generals] and [Strategists] could win two games in ten, or three in ten, but that was all.


  • (To his students) “Try not to agonize over the woman too much, would you? Magnolia Reinhart’s mind would put most [Strategists] and [Generals] to shame and we have a battle to win.”
  • (To himself) “Come back soon, will you? It grows terribly lonely without you.”
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