Noears was a Goblin with no ears.

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  • [Lightning Mage] Lv. ?

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  • [Fire Arrow]
  • [Light]
  • [Lightning Bolt]

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  • (To Rags) “Flowing Water Chieftain. Will you speak with me?”
  • (To Rags) “Hiding. I am [Spellcaster] to them. Weak. Stupid. But I am [Mage] to you. Stronger than I seem.”
  • (To Rags) “Because you are different. I am taking risk. Would like to give you advice.”
  • (To Rags) “Good. Think hard, strange Chieftain.”
  • (To Rags) “Learned much while acting stupid, Chieftain.”
  • (To Rags) “No good this way. No good that way! No good anyway, eh, Chieftain?”
  • (To Ylawes) “Anyone who wants coins cuts off your ears. Don’t have to die either. Free coin! Fair is fair.”

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