Nokha is a female Awakened Raskghar and the true leader of the Raskghar living in Liscor's Dungeon.

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She has a dark grey-brown pelt and wears a crude breast band and loincloth. After performing the ritual and "awakening", she become taller, being nearly as 6 to 7 feet high.[1]

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  • (To Krshia & Gnolls) “We know you. Enemy. Old enemy. Prey. Blood prey. We know. You make stone city. You come here. Prey. In our hunting lands.”
  • (To Calruz) “Old way works. Gnolls make us stronger. Smarter. More blood means more power. All Raskghar will drink. Grow.”
  • (To Calruz) “I am stronger, Chieftain. Stronger. Smarter. Faster. I hunger for battle. I will be your greatest warrior. I already speak language. And I offer you this.”
  • (To Ceria) “Not disloyal. Only curious. We Raskghar need Chieftain Calruz. The Chieftain is smart. When the moons fall, the Raskghar need him. Who else can think then? Only Chieftain.”
  • (To Calruz) “Others fled! This one ran other way! We caught! Would have caught others, but strange monsters stopped us! Goblins but not Goblins!”
  • (To Calruz) “Lead Raskghar better. Grow. Sacrifice. Grow. Hunt more Gnolls. Grow. That is the purpose of the Raskghar.”

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