Novakya is the Griffin Queen of Kaliv.

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She has at least two children, a son and a daughter. She exiled her firstborn son, the Griffin Prince, many years ago after he made a foolish deal with Belavierr.

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When Belavierr was cornered by the Order of Seasons, she threatened to kill the Griffin Prince unless his mother would bear arms against him. Novakya complied,[1] but the Griffin Riders could not stop the Orders forces. While Belavierr ultimately survived, the current status of the Griffin Prince is unknown.[2]

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  • [Queen], Lv. ?

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Novakya has a skill that allows her [Griffin Riders] to move three times as fast as without her.

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  • (To Griffin Prince) “You are a disgrace to Kaliv. But you are also Griffin Prince. You may not die yet.”
  • (To Winter’s Watcher) “He is my son. That is your answer.”

References Edit

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