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Numbtongue is a Goblin Hob and the [Goblin Soulbard] of the Wandering Inn.


He has green skin and crimson eyes. Once becoming a Hobgoblin his height is taller than an average human. He has pointy ears and a rather lengthy, pointed nose. His teeth are pointy and sharp, and have two rows, like a shark.

He has red tattoos that mark his identity from when he was a Redfang that other Redfang members would be able to recognize.

He's athletic and muscular, and a number of characters have commented on his physical attractiveness, including Fierre, Kevin, and others.

He wears a shirt that has a tree bearing blue fruits woven just above the breast.[2]


Numbtongue is a Goblin who doesn’t like to talk despite being able to do so quite fluently. He’s got a great memory, and he’s memorized both music and Erin's plays by heart very quickly after only hearing them once.[3]

Numbtongue was the only Redfang Elite Warrior with a fluent grasp of the Common Language but only speaks when absolutely necessary.


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Numbtongue was one of thirteen Redfang Elite Warriors tasked to kill Erin Solstice by Garen Redfang. On their way to Liscor, Numbtongue and the other goblins participate in the defense of Esthelm where the surviving members evolve into Hobs. Numbtongue and the other goblins saved Erin from Eater Goats.

The group was eventually hired as security at The Wandering Inn where they worked together until the Goblin Lord's attack on Liscor. (for a more detailed breakdown of the achievements of their entire group, see Redfang Elite Warriors)

Numbtongue was severely injured during the battle but was saved by [Emperor] Laken. After the attack, Numbtongue was the only Redfang Elite Warrior remaining at the Wandering Inn.


Numbtongue started to mine in the caves of the High Passes for gems and magicore.


Powers and Abilities[]

Numbtongue was, besides Badarrow, the best tracker of the Redfang Warrior Group.[4] (Which doesn't account for much, given how they were lost for weeks in the wilderness between Celum and Esthelm[5])


  • [Goblin Soulbard] Lv. 35
    • Derived from [Bard] Lv. 30
  • [Miner] Lv. 6
  • [Gambler] Lv. 4


  • [A Minute, Reborn]
    • Initially could only be used for a Minute,[6] but later on it goes from 5[7] to 10 more seconds longer.[8]
  • [Ballad of Bravery]
  • [Durable Picks]
  • [Electric Chords]
  • [Flash Cut]
  • [Grinder Teeth]
  • [Lightning Melody]
  • [Reinforced Guitar]
  • [Sense Trickery]
  • [Song of Rejuvenation]
  • [Weak Lucky Draw]

Temporary Skills:[]

Skills obtained temporary by the blessing Skill, [Boon of the Princess].

  • [Directional Sound]
  • [Soul’s Armaments: Mundane]


  • [Harmony of Mana]
  • [Lightcaller Harmony]
  • [Peaceful Melody]
  • [The Brave Fall First]


  • [Pyrite, Flooded Waters Tribe]
  • [Shorthilt, Redfang Tribe]
  • Reiss (Memory Incomplete)


  • Can speak the Common Language.[9]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • Dragonblood Crystal Sword[10]
  • Electric Enchanted Guitar[11]


  • His identity was revealed in Ch 3.18 T.
  • He hates talking in Common Language.[9]
  • Numbtongue first started playing the guitar in Ch 4.42 L.