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Leveling History Edit

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Ch 3.17 T Main Class Lv. 10+ N/A It was said that Numbtongue and the rest of the Redfang warriors were above Lv. 10.
Ch 5.15 Main Class Below Lv. 20 N/A None of the 5 Redfang warriors have reached Lv. 20 yet.
Ch 5.34 [Bard] Lv. ? N/A Numbtonge gained the [Bard] Class.
Ch 5.41 N/A [Electric Chords] Numbtongue was shown to possess the [Electric Chords] Skill.
Ch 5.53 [Bard] Lv. 25 [Lightning Melody] His Level and the Skill he gained from it were revealed.
Ch 6.02 [Miner] Lv. 1 (+1) [Durable Picks] After Numbtongue bit a gemstone, thanks to Pyrite Memory's, he Obtained the [Miner] Class and a Skill.
Ch 6.03 [Bard] Lv. 27 (+?) [Song of Rejuvenation]
Ch 6.10 [Miner] Lv. 6 (+5)

[Bard] Lv. 29 (+2)


[Grinder Teeth]


[Lightcaller Harmony]

[Peaceful Melody]

Leveled Up the [Miner] and [Bard] Classes.

Obtained the 1 Skill and 2 Songs.

Numbtongue (Pt.2) [Bard] Lv. 30 (+1)


[Bard] → [Goblin Soulbard]


[Pyrite, Flooded Waters]


[A Minute, Reborn]

[Ballad of Bravery]

[Bard] Class reached Level 30 and became [Goblin Soulbard].

Obtained [Pyrite, Flooded Waters] Memory, and 2 Skills.

The Hangover After [Goblin Soulbard] Lv. 32 (+2) Songs

[Harmony of Mana]

Meetings and Friendships N/A Temporary Skills
[Directional Sound]
[Soul’s Armaments: Mundane]
Obtained 2 Temporary Skills, from Lyonette's [Boon of the Princess] blessing Skill.
Ch 7.43 G [Gambler] Lv. 4 (+4)
[Goblin Soulbard] Lv. 34 (+2)
[Sense Trickery]
[Weak Lucky Draw]
[Flash Cut]
[Shorthilt, Redfang Tribe]
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