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Octavia Cotton is an Alchemist Stitch Person, the owner of the Alchemist Shop, Stitchworks, and the apprentice of Saliss Oliwing.


Octavia has black hair in braids and pulled into a ponytail, and dark skin. She has clearly defined muscles and dresses in comfortable, sleeveless shirts and long, loose pants. She has stitch-marks around each shoulder and her neck, and stitches going all down her right arm.[1]


Octavia is hyperactive. She moves and talks fast. She bombards her customers with convoluted sales pitches, and will have any fancy potion or alchemical ingredient in her possession faster than you can blink.

She does come apart under pressure, especially if the stitching comes loose.



Volume 2:

Octavia met Ryoka when Garia introduced her. She helped appraise the potion that Ryoka received as payment for the delivery for Teriarch. She informed Ryoka that it was a Potion of Haste or possibly even a greater effect.[1]

She used to live in Celum before transferring to The Wandering Inn in Volume 7.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Alchemist] Lv. 31+[2]


  • [Cleansing Heat]
  • [Low-Grade Synthesis]
  • [Magic-Water Solvent]
  • [Mineral Distillation]
  • [Purity Check]

 Temporary Skills:[]

Skills obtained temporary by the blessings Skill, [Boon of the Princess].[3]

  • [Fungoid Harvester]
  • [Lesser Wisdom]


  • Her surname was revealed in Ch 6.02.
  • She has lived in Celum for four years.[4]
  • She was the youngest [Alchemist] in Celum.[1]
  • The Celum's Watch banned her from using the Stink Potion anywhere in the city.[5]
  • Octavia became nervous when Krshia asked for her level, implying that it is relatively low.[6]