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Okasha is a Selphid who was saved by Geneva Scala.



Grateful to Geneva for saving her life, Okasha began assisting her as a medical assistant, displaying a kind nature. When Geneva was severely injured, becoming a paraplegic, Okasha would choose to infest her in order to save her life, despite it being forbidden for Selphids to possess living bodies.[1]

Concerned for Geneva's welfare, she would often try and convince her to relax. However, Geneva's insistence on overworking compounded with Okasha's growing frustration with being confined in a body she couldn't always control would lead to Okasha in wresting away control of Geneva's body.[2]



She was part of the Burning March 6th Division, but her squad was destroyed by a mage spell and she sustained a mortal wound. She was saved by Geneva, who closed her injuries and put her in a new body.

Okasha would have rejoined her unit, but her right side had become useless. Since she was too disabled to fight, she decided to help Geneva as her assistant.

During the last Centaur tribe’s ambush, an arrow had caught her in the throat, knocking her out for a few moments. When she woke up, she found Thriss striking Geneva with a mace. She killed him by stabbing a sword in his back.

In order to save her friend, she merged with her, having to share the same body afterwards. Geneva agreed to this, as she would have been a paraplegic without that assistance.[3]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Inner Friend] Lv. 11[4]
  • [Medical Assistant] Lv. 15
  • [Nurse] Lv. ?
  • [Rogue] Lv. 23


Host Skills:[]

Skills that apply to the Selphid Host as well.

  • [Physical Enhancement: Flexibility]
  • [The Thinking Room]
  • ??? - Skill that allows the Host to control the Selphid so that they can move their body even when the Selphid is not awake.[4]
  • ??? - Skill that effects the Host taste buds, so that they can enjoy taste that was normally unappealing to them.[4]
  • 2 other unidentified Skills.[4]


  • Other than humans, she had lived in Dullahan and Lizardfolk bodies as well.[3]
  • Okasha loves xelca meat but hates pasta.


  • (To Geneva) “I should be the one thanking you. You saved me. I would have died in that body if you hadn’t closed my injuries and put me in a new one.”
  • (To Geneva) “I am a Selphid. Bleeding and organs do not scare me.”
  • (To Geneva) “I have lived in Dullahan and Lizardfolk bodies as well. I can show you how they live and breathe as well.”
  • (To Geneva) “You had to live. There was no other way.”
  • (To herself) “Or perhaps we did know, once. Before our kind was hunted for the crime of stealing bodies from the living.”
  • (To Geneva) “You’re terrible at talking to people. Were you always like this? Eat the kebab. It’s really good.”
  • (To Geneva) “But come on! I’m sure he’d be interested. Let me do the talking, though. Unless he likes stone-faced [Doctors] with no sense of humor.”
  • (To Geneva) “‘People die, Hippocratic Oath, I’m Geneva Scala, Last Light of Baleros. If I don’t do something, no one will’. Blah, blah! I’ve heard it!
  • (To Geneva) “Geneva, I am going to throw your body at the nearest breathing person if I don’t get something to have fun with.
  • (To Geneva) “Uh oh. Angry juice incoming! Stop squirting that. Stop that. Stomach acid here, ew, ew…ooh! I remember eating that…
  • (To Geneva) “Well—it’s okay. I like you, Geneva. I really do. You’re so—caring. But you can’t take care of yourself. That’s what I’ve learned. You need me. It was a good thing we came together.”