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Oldblood Drakes, is a term referring to Drakes born with more of their ancestor’s blood in their veins. For those who bore the rarest of their ancestor’s heritage, they are known as True Oldblood.[1]


Less than one in a thousand Drakes had a hint of their ancestry in their veins. Any family could give birth to someone with the old blood, but families with pure bloodlines that went back to the dawn of the Drake species were far more likely to have a child with the old blood.

Such individuals are cherished, and the families often given money and aid for simply raising them, as there is prestige in being of the old blood. It is ease for them to get a job in any position, and in some circles having a drop of the old blood was as good, if not better, as a noble title.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

Due to their heritage, some of them have wings, others have only vestigial stumps, or half-formed wings. Others may have none at all, but they could breathe fire, lightning, mist, acid or something else entirely.


Those who have wings, can use the magic in them to fly high into the sky, but only for around 12 minutes of flight, as it was very hard to stay aloft for long. As they were to heavy to fly normally, they would feel their magic burn in them and depleting itself with every wing beat, and unless they sustained their flight with magic as Dragons did, they would be forced to land.[2] Those who have half-formed or vestigial wings, they can't get off the ground.[3]

Breath Weapon[]

For those who could use their breath as a weapon, they could not do so impunity, as some found it was often a curse as well as a blessing. Some Drakes grew faint of breath when they used their breath weapons, or injured their own throats.[2] Others would feel as though they are suffocating, and could only use their breath weapon for only a couple of times before they would likely die, due to lack of oxygen.

Those whose dragonbreath goes out of control are called Scorchlings, or Frostlings.[4]

Wings and Breath Weapon[]

For those who's heritage are true though, they could use both their wings and breath attack without issues.[2]

Notable Oldblood[]


  • A company of Oldblood Drakes is in theory as good as a company of mages.[2]
  • Oldblood Drakes born with both wings and a breath weapon are the rarest of all combinations.[5]