Oom was the second eldest creation of Az’kerash's Chosen.

Appearance Edit

In his humanoid form, he has a dark black body, that is almost translucent, and a featureless smooth face.[1] He wears a long trench coat and a hat,[2] to obscure his face and conceal his gelatinous body.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Az’kerash created Oom from an Acid Slime, and give him sentience and power,[1] so that he could deal with enemies like Zel Shivertail.[2]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Gelatinous Body Edit

With his gelatinous body, he can extend his ‘arm’, form a wall of oozing gelatin to block or if he surged out of his clothing he can form a much bigger wall, tangle around his opponents legs to stuck and engulfing them, and if he enters through his opponents mouth to their insides, he’d suffocating them.[1]

Acid Touch Edit

As an Acid Slime, anything that touches him corrodes.[1]

Tracking Edit

As long as he has the target scent, he can track them.[3]

Weaknesses Edit

He has a mana stone, as large as a Drake fist, that acts as his heart. If it is broken and shattered, he will die. Not even Az’kerash will be able to revive him.[1]

Also, intense heat can blast most of his body apart and vaporize around him.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • He was mentioned for the first time in Chapter 2.41.
  • Amongst the Chosen, he and Ijvani are the best suited for tracking.[3]
  • He was the second eldest creation of Az’kerash's Chosen.[1]
  • He was incapable of speaking, as he was mute.[1]

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