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The Order of Clairei Fields is a [Knight] Order from Izril. They are collectively also called Clairei Knights.

Two variations of the Clairei Fields insignia. Shield art, one in Gold and one in Silver, by Enyavar


The Order of Clairei Fields is a very large [Knight] Order in numbers, but they are not as rigorously trained in combat compared with Terandrian Knight Orders.

Nevertheless, the Clairei Knights specialize in speed on horseback[1], so despite all their armor, they are good at fast skirmishes and speedy cavalry charges. Their armor is enchanted to weigh less, while providing the same protection as regular armor.[2] More equipment may include sword, spear[1] or lances.[2]

Junior Knights are often tasked with message delivery.[1]

Their headquarters is located as far as six days travel on horseback from Reizmelt; probably to the east or northeast from the town.[1][3]


[Knights] of the Order participated on Tyrion Veltras' siege of Liscor. Cavalry was crucial on herding Veltras' Goblin vanguard towards the direction Veltras wished them to run.[4] At least once, they clashed with Garen Redfang's Carn Wolf [Riders]. In combat of 80 disciplined goblin riders versus 12 Clairei Knights, 53 Goblins and 4 Knights survived the skirmish.[2]

The Order of Clairei Fields challenged the supporters of Magnolia Reinhart after the siege of Liscor failed due to her scheming.[1] Most members of the Order were taken by surprise when fellow [Knights], like the Knights of the Petal, took that message unkindly.[3]

Colors and Coat of Arms[]

The Order of Clairei Knights has as its insignia a stylized stalk of wheat blowing on an open field, with the wheat grains sharp like swords.[2][1]

The Clairei [Knights] wear bright green chest plates with their insignia etched on the front in silver. Their helmets are the same green, deep and majestic as a deep forest, and sometimes gilded with gold. Their shoulders, arms, and leggings are clad in bright sapphire blue.[2][1]

Their horses are similarly adorned.[1]

Individual Members[]


  • The Goblins consider them showoffs, but even Garen's Raiders couldn't compete with their speed.[2]
  • Fierre considers them lackluster compared to the Order of Seasons.[1]
  • Gamel, [Knight] bodyguard of Laken, has been tought combat by some Clairei [Knights][5]