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The Order of Seasons is a [Knight] Order from Terandria.

Single-Season Shield Designs by Enyavar


The Order of Seasons is a [Knighthood] of four distinct chapters, one dedicated to each season. Their ranks are vast and their deeds famous in history. There is a general theme with each chapter, and [Knights] may pass from one season into the other, mostly in the order of the seasons.

  • [Spring Knights] wear shades of bright green, yellow and blue. They are the most plentiful chapter of the Order, being mostly comprised of new [Knights], full of energy and drive.
  • [Summer Knights] wear shades of yellow-gold, red and orange. They are knights in their full glory, battle-tempered and in control of their aura skills. They are at the pinnacle of martial prowess and regularly crusade on other continents, battling evil.
  • [Autumn Knights] wear shades of red, purple and silver. They represent a lower level of combat skill in favor of pursuing scholarly projects or magic.
  • [Winter Knights] wear grey and pale blue. They are often senior knights, and pursue their goals alone, solitary and independently. They form the smallest branch of the order.

These characterizations are generalizations: There are sometimes junior [Knights] first inducted into the winter season, as there are veteran [Knights] in the spring branch.[1]

Seat of the Order[]

The fortress-grounds of the Order are scrupulously maintained and the place where [Squires] receive education, and [Knights] can train. It is always populated by at least 2000 Seasonal [Knights], not counting other classes.[1]

Coat of Arms of the Order of Seasons, by Enyavar

There are places dedicated or owned by specific seasons, but also general courtyards. The Fortress is adorned with frescos of heroes of old, and with ceremonial armors, some decorated in outdated fashions or pierced where their wearers had died.[1]

The gardens claimed by Spring are kept in full bloom.[1]

The Court of Summer is bright and fiery and a color scheme of . It sports huge, everburning braziers and colorful flagstones, and shall never grow cold.[1]

Corridors that are dedicated to Autumn are done with tinted glass, creating shadows and a quieter, fall ambiance. They are also in charge of the libraries.[1]


The headquarters is located in Terandria, east and south on the continent, near Kallinad lands. They own the vast forests around that fortress, since the half-Elven empire that previously from the heart of this forest is long gone. The forests stretch from the untamed cavernous hills where Goblins and other monsters still thrive (supposedly more on the northwest), to a rockier terrain that leads to the coastal cliffs of Terandria.[1]

The seat of the Order of Seasons can be reached from the following locations within...


The Order of Seasons has an ancient history.


Years ago, Belavierr killed Dame Fale, and Ser Raim swore vengeance.

The Season of Summer lost nearly two hundred [Knights] to Az’kerash.[1] Sir Hilten, the [Autumn Knight], wrote Necromancy, Its Rise and Fall[3].


128 [Knights] of Summer and Autumn participated in the games of Daquin, led by Dame Talia and Sir Kelm.[4]

29 [Knights] of Summer and Spring went towards Riverfarm in a crusade against Belavierr; first Ser Raim, then followed by eight [Summer Knights] and twenty [Spring Knights]. Six Knights of Summer and thirteen of Spring survived the battle against Belavierr and her summons. Afterwards, they had to retreat with nonmagical means. On the long journey, Talia and her fellow knights met the Goblin Slayer and fought against Ogres together.


While seniority is an important concept in the knighthood, all Knights are considered equal. Nevertheless, there is a well-founded hierarchy in the Order: The head of the Order is Knight-Commander Calirn. Placed below him are Grandmasters for each Season. Three of these grandmasters have titles that designate them as mentors to their season, while the Summer’s Champion has a title that places him at frontline.[1]

Seasonal Shield Designs with Animals, by Enyavar

Spring Knights[]

  • Spring’s Warden
    • Ser Thornst, senior [Spring Knight][5]
    • Ser Eldein, fell against Ogres[5]
    • Dame Ingrela, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[5]
    • Ser Thaime, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[5]
    • Ser Shait, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[5]
    • Dame Zidele[6]
    • Ser Markus, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[5]
    • Dame Meisa, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[7]
    • Ser Lloyd, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[7]
    • Ser Medul Medoit[7]
    • Dame Thris[7]
    • Ser Jauslef[8]
    • Ser Gauradin[9]
    • Ser Caled[10]

Summer Knights[]

  • Greysten, Summer’s Champion[1]
    • Dame Talia, Knight and [Lady] of House Kallinad[5]
    • Ser Raim, led the crusade against Belavierr, was killed[1]
    • Ser Lorell, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[5]
    • Dame Chise, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[5]
    • Ser Raist, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[5]
    • Ser Vitin, participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm[7]
    • Ser Zulv[7]
    • Dame Pitram[7]
    • Dame Voost[7]
    • Ser Hitre[11]
    • Ser Ioust[9]

Autumn Knights[]

  • Venoriat, Fall’s Sentinel[1]
    • Sir Kelm, led the Knights at Daquin[4][1]
    • Dame Wera, led the research for Belavierr[1]
    • Dame Fale, slain by Belavierr years ago[1]
    • Sir Hilten, researcher on [Necromancy][3]
    • Sir Drommel[7]
    • Ser Ilm
    • Ser Tulnous
    • Dame Hiyev[12]

Winter Knights[]

  • Winter’s Watcher[1]
    • Calirn, Knight-Commander of the Order of Seasons[1]

Currently unknown seasons[]

The following [Knights] were either of spring or summer. They participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm and were among the nine [Knights] killed by Undead or Cloth Creatures, probably the most prominent ones: Dame Essa, Ser Valliad, Ser Zahil, Ser Pitres.[5]

The following [Knights] are either of spring or summer. They participated in the crusade towards Riverfarm, then rode back towards a harbour to reach Terandria as soon as possible. That group consists of six [Summer Knights]and thirteen [Spring Knights]. The seasons of Ser Welte and Ser Aldon are unknown.[5]


While it is not known if the other Season Knights or the whole Order have an anthem, the Summer Knights have one of their own that goes like this:

Verse 1:[]

“I rode down summer highways,

Following the spring.

Autumn chased close after,

In dappled leaves falling

Telling me what the future brings.

Verse 2:[]

Summer is fading, the fire leaves

The sky, but I? I rode after sunlight

Until winter passed me by.

Verse 3:[]

Are those Dragon wings I hear beating

Or the drumming of my heart?

If winter comes around me,

If the world seems too dark.

Ride with me down summer highways

And let us light summer’s spark.”


  • The Order of the Autumn is able to weave a Tier 7 or 8 spell (called a grand ritual) to create a portal from the Seasonal Headquarters directly to Riverfarm, across an ocean and many thousand miles.[13]
  • It is customary, for friends and comrades to celebrate and toast for when they awaken their Aura. They call this event the Advent of Color.[9]
  • In the Order headquarters they currently have a collection of 61,822 books in the library.[14]