The Order of the Thirsting Veil is a Terandrian Knighthood Order that was founded in Ailendamus.

Overview Edit

They are known for their stealth-capabilities as well as an emphasis on poison-based weaponry and armor. There may be Skills that also protect them from the poison of their enemies.[1]

Just like their own Kingdom use of dangerous beasts, they employ War Hydras.[2]

They are a formidable force in Ailendamus and fought in a number of wars,[1] despite other Knight Orders remaining apolitical.[3]

Background Edit

[Knights] of the Order quested for thirty years to retrieve the "Scepter of Krakens".[4]

Chronology Edit

Hydra Battle Broadcast Edit

They were broadcasted publicly in a fight against a Hydra by Wistram, in order to placate Wistram's backers in Ailendamus. The young initiates ([Knights] and [Squires]) beat the Hydra.[1]

Black Funeral Barge Awaiting Edit

In the port-city of Phel’s Light, the Thirsting Veil awaited together with the Order of Seasons, Order of Ram, Order of Thronebearers and 3 other Knighthood Orders, for the Black Funeral Barge, to collect the remains of their fallen brethren.

During the wait, Dame Hevlca of the Thirsting Veil was called by Grandmaster Calirn of the Order of Seasons, to talk about the Kingdom of Ailendamus preparation for war. Dame Hevlca stated without out right saying it that if Ailendamus goes to war, then they will back it up. She also murmured to him that Ailendamus is approaching Izril’s Five Families and others for support, as Ailendamus wanted to win this war, not just capture troops and some land.

Afterwards, when the Black Funeral Barge arrived, the Queen of Pop brought all the people of the city, to show respect for the 7 Knighthood Orders and their fallen. It is unknown if some of the Thirsting Veil [Knights], like Grandmaster Calirn, remained to listen to the [Singer] or not.[5]

Rhir's Wall Defense Edit

18 members of the Order are stationed at the 4th Wall in the Blighted Kingdom, led by Ser Vorn.[2]

Members Edit

Known Members: Edit

  • Hevlca (or Hevcla)
  • Vorn

References Edit

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