Orjin is the Strongest of Pomle, as well as its ruler.

Appearance Edit

He is a male person with dark skin, tall and heavy from muscle, not fat. He is hardened enough to not feel the ground's heat below his bare feet, and he doesn't sweat much.

He dresses up for occasions with a bright, colored cotton skirt that a traveling merchant gifted him once, and a hide cape of an animal or monster.[1]

Personality Edit

He likes to train his balance standing or handstanding on rock piles.[1]

Background Edit

Orjin is the Strongest of Pomle since eight years, as of book 6.[1]

Chronology Edit

He oversaw the Conference of Pomle as a host. He managed to intimidate all leaders present so that there no open violence broke out, except for an altercation where he single-handedly stopped both [Beast-Empress] Nsiia and [Hydromancer]-[Queen] Revine as they attacked each other.[1]

During the war against Tiqr, he declared again the neutrality of Pomle and fought off a night-attack of Saverian [Rogues] and [Pirates], together with other warriors of Pomle.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

He knows 8 different weapons well enough to use in combat.[3]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Martial Artist] Lv. ?

Skills: Edit

  • [Aeriform Shockwave]
  • [Spear Dance: Crashing Rapids]

Trivia Edit


Quotes Edit

  • (To Savere’s [Raid Leader]) “Step across that line and we will remind you why Pomle is free.”

References Edit

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