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Orjin is the current Strongest of Pomle, as well as its ruler.


He is a male Human with dark skin, tall and heavy from muscle, not fat. He is hardened enough to not feel the ground's heat below his bare feet, and he doesn't sweat much.

He dresses up for occasions with a bright, colored cotton skirt that a traveling merchant gifted him once, and a hide cape of an animal or monster.[1]


Orjin does not display strong emotions. He is usually unconcerned with any of life's worries and will take most things at face value.

Despite being Pomle's ruler, he is disinterested in actually ruling and is often reluctant to carry out his obligations as Pomle's Strongest. Similarly, he is indifferent in anything except when it comes to fighting and testing himself. However, he is far from being apathetic, and usually do what he wants; it's just that he possesses few wants.

He is abohorrent of slavery, as it offend his sensibilities, and will attack any [Slave] owner and release any [Slave] within his reach.[2] Additionally, he dislikes killing.


Orjin was born and raised in Pomle, and from the time he could walk, into the prime of his life—which included the later thirties thanks to Skills—he had been practicing martial arts all the time.[3]

8 years before the start of the web-series, he had challenged the current Strongest of Pomle and won, becoming the new Strongest of Pomle and thus its leader.

Around 5 years ago, Salii appeared in Pomle, found Orjin, and because she had good ideas, she become his [Secretary].[1]


He oversaw the Conference of Pomle as a host. While he did not actively participate, he intervened in an altercation where he single-handedly stopped both [Beast-Empress] Nsiia and [Hydromancer]-[Queen] Revine as they attacked each other.[1]

During the war against Tiqr, he declared again the neutrality of Pomle, allowing hundreds of refugees from Tiqr to enter Pomle. Later that night, he and some other warriors fought off a raid of Saverian [Rogues] and [Pirates].[4]

Powers and Abilities[]

He knows eight different weapons well enough to use in combat.[5]


  • [Martial Artist] Lv. ?


  • [Aeriform Punch]
  • [Aeriform Shockwave]
  • [Dulav-ra: Tetrad of the Solar Aura]
  • [Spear Dance: Crashing Rapids]
  • [Steel Skin]
  •  ??? - Reduces the amount of water the User needed to intake.[3]


  • Fresh dates are his favorite treat.[2]



  • (To Savere’s [Raid Leader]) “Step across that line and we will remind you why Pomle is free.”
  • (To Pomle’s masters) “We remember the past because of what it created. This. But the future we should always look towards because of what it could improve. We strive to be the best. Whatever that is—we should embrace. And watch, to make sure it is for the best.”
  • (To the Audience) “Ignorance. Law. These sound like excuses. I do not believe Lyfelt is innocent. Nor will I see him dead. However he is punished—let it be so. Give him to the families of the Gnolls, and that will be his death. Give him to the King of Destruction, and let that be his death. Or give him a chance for his own end. But he is guilty. That I cannot see the weight of it does not mean it is not there.”
  • (To Salii) “For all this time, you’ve asked me what I wanted. What I would do, what I willed. I never told you anything because I never wanted anything. I was happy with some changes. Not with the others. I didn’t inform you about this because I’ve always done as I thought I should.”