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Orthenon is the Steward of Flos, the King of Destruction.


He is tall, gaunt, and has a long mustache.[1] He wears dark, somber clothing, with an edge of faded gold.[2]

During battle or war, he wears a leather, that is form-fitting and enchanted and a single-edged sword at his belt.[3]


He is kind, strict, and absolutely formal at all times.[2] He demanded perfect understanding. If one made a mistake, he would go over it again with them in exacting detail, and question them on that very thing the next time they met.[3]

He hates criminals of all kind, even former ones.[4]


Orthenon has been 'raised' in the Drath Archipelago, which makes it unclear whether or not he is a true Drathian.[5]

Before entering into the service of Flos, Orthenon had been a [Traitor]. Flos removed that class thanks to being [King].[6]


Powers and Abilities[]

He is one of the strongest in Flos' kingdom.


  • [Ruinbringer Steward] Lv. ?[7]
  • [Blademaster] Lv.? [8]

Removed Class:[]


  • [Perfect Dodge]
  • [Spear Art: The Falling Sparks]
  • [Steelflesh Charge]
  • [Sword Art: Scattering Petals on the Wind]
  • [Sword Art: The Tide Breaks]
  • [Twin Lances of Ruin]
  • [Vanguard of the King, the Phantom Storm]


  • Single-Edged Sword


  • He could have been a member of the Seven as well, but as the King’s steward, he can't leave his side.[9]


  • (To the Twins) “We are at war. But we must be prudent and sensible in a war of vengeance. We must gather our strength, and my lord Flos knows this.”
  • (To Flos) “I would hardly let myself get killed on the first battle since you awoke, my King. We shall return soon enough. Be ready for us.”