Osthia Blackwing was an Oldblood Drake and a Soldier.

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She has dark yellowish-green (or chartreuse) wings, bright yellow scales, and the spines on the crest of her head are dyed bright blue.[1]

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  • [Captain] Lv. ? (below 30)[2]

Skills: Edit

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  • Breathing Acid
  • Flying

Trivia Edit

  • Osthia graduated from the Pallass military academy with high marks.[3]


Quotes Edit

  • (To Goblin Lord) “Kill me. Or do what you want. You’ll get no secrets out of me.”
  • (To Goblin Lord) “No. He was—is—was—a Human. We don’t memorize their histories. If you want to learn more, read a book. If you can read, that is.”
  • (To Greybeard) “You think he’s a hero, don’t you? That monster—you called him a slave, but you Goblins follow him even if he turns all of you into undead.”
  • (To Greybeard) “It sounds like any one of them would be a disgrace. If that’s the standard for a Goblin Lord, I pity your race.”

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References Edit

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