Oteslia is one of the Walled Cities of Izril.

Overview Edit

Oteslia is famous for having the best agricultural products in Izril's south.[1][2] They have excellent animal breeds, rich harvests, the best [Gardeners] and a great knowledge when it comes to growing plants, even plants from all around the world.[3] This fame also extends to Oteslian [Chefs] and their cooking.[4]

Only in comparison with the other five Walled Cities who are even richer, Oteslia is considered to be lacking financial resources.

History Edit

In the time of the storylines of books 5 and 6, Oteslia fights in a dispute with Zeres. Supported by the Liscorian Army, Oteslia was besieging the other Walled City.[5] That "defense contract" was confluded as the Election in Liscor happened.[6]

Oteslia and Salazsar were the staunchest supporters of Liscor in the dispute of the Walled Cities whether or not to answer Liscor's call for help against the human/goblin invasion of Tyrion Veltras/Reiss.[7] Oteslia then committed its Winged Raiders, which didn't arrive in Liscor in a state ready to fight,[8] after forced marching of six days.

Military Edit

Oteslia is known to be the weakest of all Walled Cities when it comes to pure military strength. Word from Manus is that Oteslia is waiting to be burnt, even.[9] However, they have elite groups, among them the Winged Riders, an Oldblood Batallion who can lift their horses mid-run into the air. At least one of the riders in each company also rides a Pegasus, which are incredibly rare animals and currently only bread in Oteslia.[10]

The Oteslian battle standard shows a view of the Walled City, and a huge tree in the background. Their colors are white and bright green.[10]

Another military unit is Oteslia’s Second Infantry.[11]

Residents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Oteslia has a supply of small beans that make you alert when chewing them - an import from Baleros which has been cultivated by the [Gardeners].[13]
  • One of the Students of Niers Astoragon comes from Oteslia[14]
  • Oteslia rarely purchases secret information,[15] but however, they share information with Magnolia Reinhart.[9]

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